Feature Sites: February 2019

by Holly Peacock | Feb 28, 2019
We introduced 5 feature sites for the month of February: Double H Whitetails, Rappahannock Farms, Valley View Farms, R & B Longhorns, and Cruz Mini Longhorns. Scroll to see these featured Hired Hand website designs as well as how each breed is utilizing their site to best promote their herd and ranch.

Whitetail Deer websites:

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About​ the Double H Whitetails website:


 Whitetail Deer
Location: ​​​Dundee, Ohio
Owner: Ivan & Ruby Hochstetler
Set Up/Design: ​Custom
Functionality Package: Wrangler

Double H Whitetails is located in Wayne County Ohio, 1 mile south of Mount Eaton. ​Ivan and Ruby both grew up with hunting genetics in ​their blood and started Double H Whitetails as a family hobby. They strive for only the best, making integrity and quality genetics their main goals when breeding Whitetails.

​Read more about​ ​​Double H Whitetails on their new website: www.​DoubleHWhitetails.com


Cattle breed websites:

About​ the Rappahannock Farms website:


 Longhorns, Angus, Sheep, Lumber
Location: ​​​Woodville, Virginia
Owner: Jane
Set Up/Design: ​Semi-Custom
Functionality Package: Wrangler

Rappahannock Farms is located in Woodville, VA. ​At RPK Farms there are Longhorns, Angus and Sheep. They also sell lumber which you can find more information about on their website.

​Read more about​ ​Rappahannock Farms on their new website: www.​RPKFarms.com


About​ the ​Valley View Farms website:


Texas Longhorns, Longhorn Beef, Farm Fresh Products
Location: ​Langsville, Ohio
Owner: Robert Hanshaw & Rebecca Scott
Set Up/Design: ​S​imple Template
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Valley View Farms is located in southeastern Ohio and has been a home to Registered Longhorns since 1988. ​They are very active in the show circuit and like to raise animals that are a good mix of color, conformation and horn.

Read more about​ ​​Valley View Farms on their new website: www.​OhioLonghorns.com

About​ the ​R & B Longhorns website:


Breed: Texas Longhorns, ​Feed Store
Location: ​​Salem, Illinois
Owner: Roy Landers & Beth Landers
Set Up/Design: Custom
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Located in southern Illinois, R & B Longhorns is home to Longhorns, mules, horses and various other animals. They also recently opened a feed store expanding to an arena and western store​. At R & B Longhorns, they are committed to breeding and growing a quality herd to market meat and have the best animals possible.

​Read more about​ ​​R & B Longhorns on their new website: www.​RBLonghorns.com

About​ the Cruz Mini Longhorns website:


Breed: Mini Longhorns
Location: ​​Crescent, Iowa
Owner: David & Barbara Sipherd
Set Up/Design: Simple Template
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Founded in 2014, Cruz Mini Longhorns started as what was going to be a Longhorn operation but with a short supply of land in Crescent, Iowa, they decided Mini Longhorns were a better choice for them. The goal of their breeding program is simple: to produce, and fill their pastures with, a true, miniature piece of American history, the Miniature Texas Longhorn.

Read more about​ Cruz Mini Longhorns on their new website: www.CruzMiniLonghorns.com

Interested in getting your own #HiredHandPowered website or upgrading your current site? Email us at info@hiredhandsoftware.com and we'll help you figure out how to best promote your herd and ranch online!

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