Powerful Websites driven by our custom Software:

Hired Hand develops beautiful, functional websites, powered by our custom Software. They not only look great and function well, but they're designed to generate sales. We offer 3 set-up options that can be combined with any of our 3 functionality packages. All Hired Hand websites are built using our custom, one-of-a-kind Animal Marketing Software (AMS), are mobile ​friendly (adjusting automatically to all mobile and desktop devices), and include built-in SEO.

Join hundreds of other registered livestock breeders today and let our custom-built Software make your life easier with its intuitive interface and full list of features:

It's Specific To Your Breed

- Unique Breed data display/customization
- Choose your most important information to display (i.e., registration numbers, specific measurements, awards, EPDs, etc.)
- Full photo and interactive pedigree
- Self-populating offspring
- and so much more!

It's Easy to Update

- Update the entire site yourself No more waiting on designers. No more emailing updates and hoping they're done fast and correctly. Take control of your website and internet marketing today!
- No programming knowledge is needed.

Import Your Existing Data

- Have data imported from your current source for management records or your registry

It's Secure

- Role-based security to ensure administrative functionality is only available to authorized users

You'll Attract Happy Visitors who can

- Easily search your herd using names, categories, breeding info, measurements, records and more
- Share a link to a specific animal via email or social media
- Download and print a PDF data sheet for your animals
- Contact you directly via e-mail about a specific animal

Search Engine Optimization is built in

- SEO-optimized framework
- Site administrators have the ability to update important SEO fields
- SEO-friendly sitemaps are automatically generated for the leading search engine

You Can Monitor Your Results

- Built-in reporting!
- Website administrators have access to a full suite of site statistics and usage reports
- Analytics are set up on every website

If you do need help, we're always here

- Friendly customer support staff is just an IM, Intercom*, Text, Email or phone call away
- Our support specialists understand your animal breed and needs

Logo and Branding

Logo & Branding

Are you a new business or breeder ready to take the first step to building your brand? Is your mature farm or ranch in need of a fresh new look? Your logo/brand represents your company and what you stand for. Our talented team will lead you through the thought process and planning that go into every logo we design. Once approved, we provide you with all of the various file formats you'll need to put your new logo on everything. Or, we can help with that part too! Logo packages start at $500.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to optimize your website so that search engines will rank your website higher. Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems - and your farm, ranch or business could be it! While our custom software has SEO built in, we can also help take your website to another level through custom SEO work as well as internet marketing campaigns.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a key part of any current day marketing plan. Social Media outlets allow you, as a breeder, to easily showcase your brand and provide potential customers and supporters with real-time, relevant and engaging information. But, many times, you're just too busy running your operation to mess with it, are we right? We'd love to help! Let us manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest and build you an audience of engaged followers who want to interact with your brand. Best of all, we show you reports and stats on the results your Social Media budget is getting!

We have several ways in which we can help your social media marketing ranging from initial setup and a one-time training to special campaign assistance to complete on-going management.

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Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

In today's busy world it seems everyone and their Grandma is texting! You receive texts about clothing sales, pizza specials and the weather - why not about your animals too? Hired Hand’s Mobile Marketing is an awesome and trendy supplement to your overall marketing plan. We have several options available to customers to make use of our Mobile Marketing lists from one-time sending to campaigns to services specifically for sales.

Anyone can receive our messages for free! Simply click here to complete a simple form and be added to our list. Or text website.longhorns to (888) 700-8131

*Standard phone carrier fees may apply.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing (E-blasts) are one of today’s most popular ways to promote your program within your breed and beyond. Our e-mail blasts are designed to garner the maximum amount of click-throughs to your website or product. After sending one of our custom e-blasts you're able to review the results it received through our custom analytics reports associated with your Hired Hand powered website. We are proud to offer e-blasts for a wide variety of breed specific lists and we have two options available for our Email Marketing services.

Please contact us today to get started with your one-time or custom email marketing plan. Our e-blasts start at $85 each. They are free to receive. Simply click here to be added to our list.

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Technology Services

Technology Services

Whether you need custom software development, mobile app development or other technology services, Hired Hand is here to help. Our team is comprised of some serious technology geeks mixed with marketing-minded creative types - all with the passion for livestock. We're truly the perfect mix for helping our customers produce great work.

Contact us today at 888-287-8554 to discuss your breeding programs technology needs and receive a custom bid on your next technology driven product.

Hired Hand for a day

Hired Hand for a Day

Our Hired Hand for a Day service has proven very popular. We will come to your ranch to assist with the tasks associated with setting up a new or updating an existing Hired Hand powered website including such services as:


We'll capture professional, correct photos of your animals. We are at ease around most animals, always work in pairs, and are able to work through your herd quickly and efficiently. Additional Photoshopping and corrections are also available upon request.

Data organization and entry

Do you have more of your herds information stored in your head rather than on a computer? Let us sit down with you and convert your information and data into a format acceptable for website use. We’ll make it easy and save you valuable time.


Would you like to promote your herd using video? We have the expertise and knowledge to make your promotional video work for you and your ranch.

While we've been known to even help work your cattle or animals we ideally like to limit our services to the areas of our expertise. Our Hired Hand for a Day services are typically scheduled at least 3 months in advance depending on your location. Contact Molly today to get started!

Hired Hand Live

Hired Hand Live

Hired Hand Live is an on-line sale viewing and internet bidding service offered through Hired Hand Software. Hired Hand Live can benefit breeders in 2 ways:

Host Your Own Internet Only Sale:

Most everyone has visited an on-line auction site at some time in their lives. Hired Hand Live works no different. You choose the dates, length of time, etc. that you'd like your auction to run. Approved bidders see photos or video of the animals you're offering for sale and can bid at their leisure. Hired Hand does not take a commission of your overall sale but rather charges a flat rate for our services.

Include Hired Hand Live at your Consignment Sale:

Do you host an annual consignment sale and wish you could reach more bidders and buyers? We can help with that. Our qualified staff will attend your auction, offer a live video feed of the sale to anyone who wishes to view, register qualified buyers and allow on-line and absentee bidding and buying through Hired Hand Live.

Watch or bid on our sales:

If you'd like more information on how to watch our sales or bid on-line please contact Molly or visit for more helpful information. Viewing, bidding and buying is always free of any service fees or premiums.

Other Services

Other Services

While we believe that internet and social driven marketing is the present and future of the core industries we serve, we understand that there are times you still need something on paper to reach your customers. Our talented team of designers is happy to help with your print and graphic design needs including but not limited to:

- business cards
- stationary packages
- sale pen signs
- pen stall banners and signage
- ranch signs
- brochures
- magazine ads
- sale catalogs and ads
- sale flyers
- booth displays
- and more!

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