• General

    Q: Is Hired Hand the same as the existing software used by breeders to manage their herds or perform DNA testing?

    A: No. Those programs and systems are designed to either only allow you to track specific data for your own purposes or require a user ID and log in to view data and information, which does not benefit you in terms of promoting your herd and bloodlines. Hired Hand powers websites. We take the power of your pedigrees and bloodlines and make it simple to use and update and easy for the world to find. Although you can use our web based software to manage your animals in addition to your website, the real power of Hired Hand is in it’s ability to help you market your animals online through your individual website.

    Q: Is Hired Hand only for those breeders affiliated with one specific registry or organization within the breeds it serves?

    A: No. Any breeder, or anyone wanting to have a website, can become a Hired Hand customer. Hired Hand is not affiliated with or owned by any registry or organization. We are proud to have various sizes of breeders with all affiliations as our customers.

    Q: Is Hired Hand trying to replace existing registries or data services?

    A: No. Hired Hand is website marketing and animal marketing system. We work with the registries to obtain records at the customers request. Our overall goal is to provide you with a top of the line website for your herd. Hired Hand has no plans to become anything more than website marketing and management software.

    Q: I need a website but I also need a logo, business cards, etc. Can Hired Hand help?

    A: Yes! Please visit our Services or Pricing pages.

    Q: What is the mailing address for Hired Hand Software?

    A: 200 State Street, Suite 202T, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

    Q: What is the toll free number for Hired Hand Software?
  • Pricing

    Q: How much does Hired Hand cost?

    Q: What exactly am I getting for my monthly fee with Hired Hand?

    A: With Hired Hand you're getting your website securely hosted; access to a custom designed content management system to update your website; access to our animal marketing system with interactive pedigrees and photos; world-class technical support; and more. Each customer also receives a monthly report on their site statistics including number of unique visits, which pages are being viewed the most, how people found your site, etc. Hired Hand offers more than simple web hosting or a general way to update your site, we offer a complete website package for marketing your animals online.

  • Animal Information and Promotion

    Q: How many animals can I add to my site?

    A: You may add as many animals as you like. Please note that pricing varies based on the number of animals you actively promote on your site ("Active" animals). However, you will not be charged extra for reference animals you enter into the system. Click here to see how many animals you may promote on your site and the costs associated.

    Q: What is the difference between an "active" animal and a "reference" animal?

    A: Active Animals are the animals you are promoting on your website. These animals display in your categories (Bull, Calves, Cows...), on your pages and are available to be searched for on your website. These animals also have all of the informational tabs available such as progeny, measurements, awards, comments and more. Pricing is partially based on the number of animals you promote on your site. See Pricing for additional details. Reference animals are used to fill out an animal's pedigree. They will not show in search results nor on your category pages. You may add as many reference animals to the site as you would like. You are not charged for reference animals.

    Q: How many generations can I add for an animal?

    A: There is no limit to the number of generations you may enter for an animal's pedigree.

    Q: When starting with Hired Hand, do I have to manually enter all my animals and their pedigrees into the system?

    A: No, you do not have to manually enter the animals. Here are a few options:

    You can request an electronic herd file from the registry you work with. The registry may charge you for this service.

    For users unable to provide animal information in an Excel format, our staff will be more than happy to help you enter your animal information.

  • Converting Your Current Website

    Q: I just redid my website and I really like how it looks. Is it possible to use Hired Hand and use the same design as I am using on my current site?

    A: Yes, Hired Hand is able to maintain your current site design as long as you own the design. Contact our Sales department for pricing on a site conversion.

    Q: If I already have a website, can I sign up for Hired Hand and keep my website address?

    A: Yes, you can sign up for Hired Hand and keep your current website address. Once you've signed up for a Hired Hand site, we will simply redirect your website to point to the Hired Hand system. Hired Hand staff will be happy to walk you through this process.