Straight Forward Pricing, No Surprises

Could you get a website for cheaper through some “free” site service or national hosting company? For sure! But, for all of the money you’d be saving you’d have so many more headaches trying to get your site to look nice and function like your visitors would expect.

Why spend hours and hours building templates for pedigrees when our Software does it automatically for you, complete with links and photos? Why type up everything you need updated in an email to a web designer only to follow up with more emails and phone calls until they get it right when you could do it yourself in a fraction of the time? Why sacrifice new traffic to your site and private treaty sales just to save a few bucks when our sites are proven to pay for themselves and then some?

Our pricing is the same for all breeds and is very easy to follow.

First, choose your site design.
Second, choose your functionality.
Third, if you’ll be promoting more than 30 head of animals on your website, choose your number of active animals.

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Step 1 - Choose Your Design

This step is related strictly to the look of your new website. 

It includes colors, textures, fonts and other aesthetically pleasing creative touches. The design option you choose will NOT affect any functionality of your website such as your menu items, number of pages or animals.

Design Options
One Time Fee
Simple Template Starting at $499
Mix & Match
Starting at $1,499
Custom Website Design Starting at $3,499 - $5,999
Convert Existing Web Design Starting at $1,699 & Up

Step 2 - Choose Your Functionality/Animal Marketing Package

Regardless of the design you choose, this step involves choosing how your site will function. All of our packages come with our interactive pedigrees, self-displaying offspring and other animal features that our websites are known for. Our higher-end packages offer additional functionality to both website visitors and site admins. Any package below can be combined with any design option above. 

Please explore the table below for assistance in choosing the perfect functionality package for your Hired Hand powered website. Want to speak with a customer support specialist?

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Feature Buckaroo - $64/month
Wrangler - $84/month
Foreman - $104/month
Animal Management

Content Management

Interactive Photo Pedigrees

Printer Friendly Animal Pages

Responsive Design

Search Engine Optimization

Site Statistics

Custom Domain Name

Social Sharing Buttons

Refer To A Friend

Contact Form

Access to all Animals in System

Photo(s) per Animal
Hired Hand Search

Hired Hand Sale

Relevant Animals  

Animal Search  

Customizable Categories  

Data Import  

Site Statistics/Reports  

Photo Galleries/Image Sliders  


Pedigree Simulator

Advanced Search
Bulk Categorization    
Bulk Medical    

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Step 3 - Estimate How Many Animals You'll Promote

Now that you’ve chosen what your site will look like and it’s functionality, we just need to know how many animals you’d like to promote. All of our customers are given up to 30 animals to promote at no additional charge. You can also keep records on any animals in the system you’d like - only those you’re promoting live on your website count against your total. Pedigree animals also never count against your animal total.

This option can be updated at any time! If you’d like to promote more than 30 head please review the options below.

Animals Promoted on Site
Up to 30 Animals
Up to 100 Animals $25/month
Unlimited $50/month


Below is an easy to use table showing both the Monthly pricing based on functionality package and number of animals. We are able to accept payment in any manner that’s easier for your breeding program including quarterly, bi-annually or other ways not listed below.

Animals Promoted on Site
Up to 30 Animals
Up to 100 Animals