Website Pricing

Hired Hand Software has packages to suit large and small breeders alike. Our pricing is based on 3 criteria. We encourage you to review all criteria below to get the most accurate pricing estimate.

1. Design

Hired Hand offers template and custom bid site designs. If you have an existing website we also offer a conversion. Your site design is a one-time fee.

Design One Time Setup Fee
Simple Template $299
Choice of Template
(view available templates)
$799 - $1,299
Custom Website Design $3,499 - $4,999
Convert Existing Web Design $1,699 - $2,299

2. Package/ Functionality

Hired Hand offers three packages with varying functionality. No matter what package you choose you can be sure that by becoming a Hired Hand customer you’ll receive the outstanding service you deserve. Request a demo today!

Feature Buckaroo - $79/month
Wrangler - $99/month
Foreman - $119/month
Content Management

Custom Domain Name

Responsive Design
Site Statistics

Contact Form

Search Engine Optimization

Animal Management

Access to all Animals in System

Pedigree Management/Interactive Pedigrees
Photo(s) per Animal 1
Printer Friendly Animal Print-Outs
Refer a Friend and Contact Us Forms on each animal
Hired Hand Search
Relevant Animals  
Animal Search  
Customizable Categories  
Data Import  
Site Statistics/Reports  
Photo Galleries/Image Sliders  
Advanced Search
Bulk Categorization     Coming Soon!
Bulk Medical     Coming Soon!
Order Now! Order Now! Order Now! 

3. Estimate How Many Animals You'll Promote

Hired Hand offers 3 packages for your number of active animals. An active animal is one in which not only the interactive pedigree will display, but also progeny, comments, awards, important data, such as measurements and more. In order for an animal to display on a page it must be active. Reference animals, those displaying in your pedigrees, do not count toward your animal total. Please note that users are allowed unlimited animals in Hired Hand for record keeping and data tracking purposes – the level of active animals is tied to your live website.

Animals Promoted on Site
Up to 30 Animals
Up to 100 Animals $25/month
Unlimited $50/month


Monthly/Yearly pricing based on package and number of animals.

Animals Promoted on Site
Up to 30 Animals
Up to 100 Animals