Mobile Marketing

We have several options available for you to make use of our Mobile Marketing services.

Free to Receive

In this age of smart phones, texting and real-time news, we strive to keep breeders in the know easily through text messaging. If you’d like to receive Hired Hand’s Mobile Marketing messages you can be added to our list free of charge.

$250 Event Marketing Package

As a sale or event host, Mobile Marketing is a great way to reach breeders. Our texts help to:

  • improve diversity of consignors
  • ensure paperwork and deadlines are met through reminders
  • promote host hotel and other vendors of your choosing
  • increase attendance
  • increase response time and value of consignors and buyers
  • sale prices, buyers and more are texted real time throughout your sale


Are you a Hired Hand customer who would like to quickly reach your target audience? Think of the possibilities when texting a link to your sale consignment moments before it enters the ring; or directing people to your website to check out a new animal. Hired Hand’s Mobile Marketing is an awesome and trendy supplement to your overall marketing plan.

If would like more information on how to use Hired Hand’s Mobile Marketing to your advantage to reach breeders please contact us today.

Mobile Marketing with Hired Hand Software

Reach Your Customers Via Text

Put yourself in good company with thousands and thousands of other operations and businesses that use SMS marketing to connect with their target audiences. TextIT 24/7 allows you to control your success 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with very little work. For more information visit TextIT 24/7.

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Send and manage your Farm, Ranch or Business’ text messages easily