Hired Hand Live

Hired Hand Live is an online sale viewing and internet bidding service offered through Hired Hand Software.

With today's hustle and bustle of busy schedules we're not always able to make it to every sale. Hired Hand Live makes it easy for you to tune into sales through your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You can even place absentee bids and maximum bids if you know that you won't have internet availability during the sale hours, and the system will bid for you! It's an easy way to be involved with a sale even if you can't be there in person.

Host Your Own Online-Only Sale: 

Most everyone has visited an online auction site at some time in their lives. Hired Hand Live works no different. You choose the dates, length of time, etc. that you'd like your auction to run. Approved bidders see photos or video of the animals you're offering for sale and can bid at their leisure. Hired Hand does not take a commission of your overall sale but rather charges a flat rate for our services. Sale operators are encouraged to contact us for pricing information on adding Hired Hand Live to your next consignment sale.  


"I'm happy to be working with the Hired Hand team again on this sale – both catalog and internet bidding. Molly, Jaymie, and the rest of their crew are easy to work with and have good marketing strategies. I can count on them to come up with super design ideas and interesting layouts for the catalog and provide professional service for the internet bidding." -Cindy Bolen, Bolen Longhorn Sale 


Include Hired Hand Live at your Consignment Sale: 

Do you host an annual consignment sale and wish you could reach more bidders and buyers? We can help with that. Our qualified staff will attend your auction, offer a live video feed of the sale to anyone who wishes to view, register qualified buyers and allow online and absentee bidding and buying through Hired Hand Live. 


"The main reason we use Hired Hand Live internet bidding for both of our sales is that we believe the Longhorn Industry has grown to depend on it. Our bidders and buyers are used to your platform so it is easy for them to participate in our sale even if they can't be there." -Lorinda Valentine, Hudson Valentine Sale  

"From the start of the Great Northern Longhorn Classic sale five [this was in 2022] years ago until now, Hired Hand and crew has been great to work with. From catalog set up and design, through sale day social media promotion and nationwide online sale coverage, they've been a part of the puzzle that has helped make our sale in Wisconsin a success." -Mike Thiel, GNTLA Great Northern Longhorn Classic Co-Host 

"The main reason we use Hired Hand Live internet bidding for the Millennium Futurity is TRUST. Hired Hand Live provides an honest and dependable method by which folks who just can't make the sale are able to still participate. Our bidders and buyers are accustomed to the 'easy to use' platform of Hired Hand live and we believe the longhorn industry has grown to depend on it!" -Christy Randolph, Millennium Futurity 

"Hired Hand Live is dependable! We know how important an online auction is for a sale that is so far away from the Longhorn epicenter. The large following that Hired Hand Live brings to the Oregon Trail Sale is critical to our success." -Scott Picker, Oregon Trail Sale Host 


Watch or bid on our sales: 

No registration is needed to simply view a sale online. Pre-registration is necessary to become an approved bidder. Viewing, bidding and buying is always free of any service fees or premiums. 

"I, for one, have become a huge fan of Hired Hand Live. For breeders, this is by far one of the easiest ways to bid and auction animals. While I didn't get the cow I was bidding on this time, I know I will continue to bid using Hired Hand Live." -Craig Perez

"Such a great way to bid at the auctions you just can’t make it to! And the ability to ask questions during the auction is great for those times you missed a detail!!" -Amy Caruso-Picker 

"Easiest way to bid if you are not able to attend the sale !" -Mike Lutt 

"Not only does this page keep Texas Longhorn breeders up to date on upcoming sales and consignments, they also break down the sale results allowing breeders to easily see where (and how) value can be added to their future consignments." -Phil Norwood