Hired Hand is proud to offer a variety of free resources to aid in your digital marketing, and connect you with your fellow livestock breeders.


We share all sorts of information on our Blog. From tech tips to social media trends; new live site announcements to what events we’ll be attending each month; the Hired Hand Blog is a great source of knowledge and a go-to for inspiration when you need it. 

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Other Services

Because Hired Hand is a custom software that powers all of our customers livestock websites, we’re able to closely monitor and provide custom reports in real-time. From new photos to new animals, you can easily click through the links here to see who’s been hard at work on their website.


Hired Hand Search is a tool we promote to drive more traffic to our customers’ websites. Anyone can visit our page and search for a specific breed or animal by state, sale price, sire, dam, age and more. Give it a try today! 

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Pickup Truck Confessions by Hired Hand

Have 5-10 minutes and need a good laugh? Want to learn what other breeders are doing to improve their herds or expand their marketing? Pickup Truck Confessions are our lighthearted way of interviewing some of our customers to share this information. Currently featuring primarily Texas Longhorn breeders, we’re always looking for our next victims!

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From the Pasture with Hired hand

If you’re passionate about registered livestock, trying to start a breeding program of your own,  interested in new herd marketing technologies, or just want to hear some great ranching advice then  this is the podcast for you!
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