Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an integral part of all marketing plans. Social media outlets allow you, as a breeder, to easily showcase your brand and provide potential customers and supporters with real-time, relevant and engaging information. But, many times, you're just too busy running your operation to mess with it, are we right? We'd love to help! Let us manage your Facebook, Instagram, X, and other platforms, and build you an audience of engaged followers who want to interact with your brand. Best of all, we'll update you with reports and stats on the results of your social media efforts! 
We can help you in two ways: 

Complete Profile Management

If your time is best spent outside with your animals, we will develop and manage a social media marketing plan for you. This can include anything and everything from creating your profiles, following and engaging with other profiles and followers, developing and executing campaigns and industry-relative posts, and regular reporting on social performance. 

Receive a Custom Bid for Complete Social Management 

Initial Set-Up and Training

If you enjoy engaging with your fans and can handle implementing a social media plan on your own, we’re happy to support your efforts with professional imagery and graphics that support your overall brand as well as a training overview.

Initial Setup and Training starts at $250. 

We believe every breeding program should have an online presence and utilize social media.
Let us create your social presence and boost engagement.