Mix & Match: Floyd 6 Ranch

by Holly Peacock | Feb 16, 2024



About​ Floyd 6 Ranch:

​Animals/Breed: ​Texas Longhorns
 Abilene, Texas
Robert W. Floyd, Jr

"The Floyd 6 Ranch is a beautiful 3,500-acre property in the rolling plains of Albany, Texas. Located 30 miles Northeast of Abilene and 150 miles West of Fort Worth.

We purchased the ranch over 20 years ago and were gifted a few longhorn steers, who soon became the welcoming committee and the unofficial mascots of the ranch to our newest generation. Seeing the excitement and beauty caused by these animals, we made the decision to expand the herd and this was the turning point that ignited our love for these friendly and beautiful animals, forever changing the landscape of our ranch.

What brings us the most joy is witnessing our young children's pure excitement when they get to hand-feed and name each longhorn. It has been a bonding experience, and they genuinely love to show off their specific longhorns to visitors. They get very excited and proud when you compliment their particular animal. The majestic and historic beauty the longhorns bring to the ranch has also brought us and our guests closer to God and our place in the natural world. Playing such an important role in Texas history, it seems fitting to see our longhorn herd roaming the ranch once again.

Upon this, we discovered a whole industry that shared this passion, leading us to invest in four daughters of the legendary producing cow, RC Pacific Mermaid, from Buffalo Gap Longhorns. This strategic move laid the foundation for our herd, and we have since remained dedicated to identifying maternal genetic lines that consistently yield longhorns with exceptional dispositions, TTT, and captivating colors.

While our herd may be new, we hope that it will continue to grow and that the genetics will improve into an exceptional Texas longhorn herd. Join us on our website or in person as we showcase our remarkable longhorns, bred with care and dedication. Together, let's celebrate the continued legacy of the longhorn breed!"


Check out their new website here!

About​ the Floyd 6 Ranch website:

Set-Up/Design: ​​​ Mix & Match
Functionality Package:  Wrangler

Floyd 6 Ranch chose a Mix & Match design to display their herd and breeding program. Check out their herd, sale pen, bull prospects, and more on their new website. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team!

Check out the new Floyd 6 Ranch website:

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