Website Design Examples

Simple Template:

Our simple template is just how it sounds - simple! You are allowed to choose 1 primary and 1 secondary color for their website. A logo or brand that you supply to us will be placed at the top of the page above the menu. Our simple templates lack featured photos, icons or modules and other visually pleasing aesthetics that our Mix & Match and Custom Designed sites offer.

Rocking RW Lazy D Ranch
D and L Ranch
Genesis 1 Farms
Beaver Branch Cattle Co
100 Acre Wood Highlands

Mix & Match:

Our Mix and Match designs allow a wide variety of choices for customers. The next step up from our Simple Templates, Mix and Match designs offer a wider selection of colors and fonts as well as feature icons or modules to direct traffic to the most important aspects of your website. Custom photos can be added to the design to add visual appeal to your homepage.

Dirty Spur Cattle Company
B4 Cattle Company
Schumacher Cattle
Siller Land and Longhorns
Mueller Quarter Horses
Green Pastures Cattle Co

Custom Design:

Our custom design is also just like how it sounds - custom! With your custom designed website the sky is the limit. We will take your unique vision and develop a website to match it. Many of our custom websites feature videos and image sliders. Our custom designs are especially great for businesses and multi-breed ranches.

Cold Copper Cattle Co
Hudson Longhorns
Harry's Heritage Beef
McEntire Farms
Laid Back Ranch
Double Dime Longhorns