Simple Website: Junction Hill Cattle Co.

by Holly Peacock | Jan 31, 2024


About​ Junction Hill Cattle Company:

​Animals/Breed: ​Texas Longhorns
 Chappell Hill, Texas
Matt Hill

"Our family’s love for the Texas Longhorn started back in 1997 when we traded four starving angus cows off of our family ranch in Junction, TX for a small herd of South Texas Wright strain longhorns that I was told, unlike the angus cows, could “eat rocks” and survive. We eventually sold that herd as our family was growing and re-engaged in 2009 after attending John and Christy Randolph’s Production Sale. We hit it hard and quickly grew our herd to 70 head.

We did what a lot of new breeders do and bought a bunch of mismatched cattle with no plan for genetic pairing, production or marketability. I like to think that we eventually started to figure things out and with some professional guidance began to correct some of the earlier mistakes that were made. However, as the kids grew and were required to spend most of their time with commitments at our home in Houston, we regrettably decided to sell the herd. Even though we didn’t own any cattle I stayed in touch with some very dear friends from the Longhorn family and kept up with the developments in the industry with the dream of eventually “getting back in”.

With the kids grown, in April of 2023 we purchased our first group of heifers with the intention of growing a small but selective herd at our family ranch in Chappell Hill, Texas. With all that we have learned over the years and the incredible friends that we have made and continue to make in the industry we are hoping that the 'third time is the charm'. The Longhorn family has been incredibly welcoming to us upon our return."


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About​ the Junction Hill Cattle Company website:

Set-Up/Design: ​​​ Simple Template
Functionality Package:  Wrangler

Junction Hill Cattle Company chose a Simple Template design to display their herd and breeding program. Check out their herd, sale pen, and more on their new website. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team!

Check out the new Junction Hill Cattle Company website:

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