New Website: 45 & Holding

by Holly Peacock | Feb 02, 2023


About​ 45 & Holding:

​Animals/Breed: ​Texas Longhorns
 Locust Grove, Virginia
45 & Holding

"45 and Holding is a small veteran owned and operated farm in Locust Grove, Virginia. In 2015 it all started with purchasing a home on 2 acres with the hopes of purchasing 43 acres attached to the original 2. In 2018, the additional 43 was added. After walking and maintaining the full 45 acres, I said, “I don’t want not one more acre.” The Name 45 & Holding was created quickly.

The Longhorn obsession began when I told my significant other, Tommy, “I just want one longhorn for shock factor.” We visited Dallas Ft. Worth Stockyards in July 2021 when we went to see the grands. That’s when we had the opportunity to see their beauty and grace in person for the first time. The fire was smoldering. I kept saying, “I just want one.” Once we were home, Tommy spent a couple months researching and looking for breeders within driving distance. Then he contacted a few longhorn breeders in Virginia and we were told about the East Coast Classic coming up. We attended the East Coast Classic September 2021. I was so excited, telling Tommy to bid on each one! We weren’t sure if longhorns would be in our budget, but the longhorn community was so friendly and informative. Amazing folks! The more we learned the deeper the obsession was fueled."


Check out their new website here and follow them on Facebook!

About​ the 45 & Holding website:

Set-Up/Design: ​​​ Mix & Match
Functionality Package:  Wrangler

45 & Holding chose a Mix & Match design to display their herd and breeding program. Check out their herd, sale pen, and more on their new website. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team!

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