New Site: Might As Well Ranch

by Holly Peacock | Aug 10, 2022


About​ Might As Well Ranch:

​Animals/Breed: ​Texas Longhorns
 Pacific, Missouri
Dan Stoltz

"The Might As Well Ranch gets its name from the well thought out plan that started this venture. We decided that we would buy a couple of calves for the boys. It would be good for them to learn some responsibility and may be a way for them to make a little money selling calves. We already had some land that was being used for hay. So we find out about a couple of Texas Longhorn heifers for sale by way of Doctor John Stoltz (vet and brother). We bring home two six-month old calves but do not really have fence prepared so they spend a few months at grandpa’s until the fence is ready. Notice I say ready not finished because I am not familiar with a finished fence.

Here is where the Might As Well comes in. If you have to build fence, buy supplies and take care of two of them, might as well get a few more. 

We are a small, family operated ranch specializing in Texas Longhorn Cattle and beef. We are located near Pacific, Missouri around 30 miles from St. Louis. We have registered Texas Longhorn cattle for sale as well as grass fed beef."


Check out their new website here and follow them on Facebook!

Listen to the Might As Well Ranch episode of From The Pasture with Hired Hand here.

About​ the Might As Well Ranch website:

Set-Up/Design: ​​​ Simple
Functionality Package:  Buckaroo

Might As Well Ranch chose a Simple Template design to display their herd and breeding program. Check out their herd, sale pen, and more on their new website. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team!

Check out the new Might As Well Ranch website:

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