Website Launch: Holy Cow Ranch

by Holly Peacock | May 11, 2022


About​ Holy Cow Ranch:

​Animals/Breed: ​Texas Longhorns
 Ben Wheeler, Texas
Meredith Kirkscey

"We originally chose Longhorns in 2001 because they were a prettier option than the black cows for yard art. Lucky for us, we were right down the road from some of the top breeders in the country and we picked our first 6 cows from those herds. We had no idea what we were doing or what we had, but we loved the colors and horns. Years later, we have learned what is important in developing a herd. We strive to produce the complete cow with excellent conformation, natural maternal instincts, calm demeanor, and of course, long horns. We would love to show you around and connect you with your next favorite cow, steer, or bull!"


Q: What is the history behind the name of your ranch/farm/business?

A: When we first got the ranch in 1998, someone gave my parents a little metal cow with a halo. Between that, and my mom often using the expression “Holy Cow!” the name stuck.


Q: What is your favorite thing about your ranch/farm/business?

A: I absolutely love the planning of future calves. I look at maternal lines and what crosses well. I aim to develop large framed cows with of course, flash and horn. But the business aside, my favorite place in the world is sitting in the pasture, playing with our cows, horses, and donkey.


Check out their new website here and follow them on Facebook!

About​ the Holy Cow Ranch website:

Set-Up/Design: ​​​ Mix & Match
Functionality Package:  Buckaroo

Holy Cow Ranch chose a Mix & Match design to display their herd and breeding program. Check out their herd, sale pen, and more on their new website. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team!

Check out the new Holy Cow Ranch website:

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