Website Launch: MonMel Logistics

by Holly Peacock | Sep 02, 2021

About​ MonMel Logistics:

Business: ​Spot Market Refrigerated Truckload Services
 Marietta, Oklahoma
Monmel Logistics

"MonMel Logistics was born because as a freight agent, I was not happy with the way my Parent Company was handling business. So, instead of just hopping from one brokerage to another I decided to start a Logistics Company dedicated to catering not only to customers but also to building carrier relationships by understanding carrier needs & being cognizant of those needs with every transaction.


The MonMel team goes above & beyond to make sure that every shipment is handled with the utmost care & every customer is treated like our most important customer. Whether you book one load a month with us or 6 loads a day you are our number one priority. "


See more on their new website!

About​ the MonMel Logistics website:

Set-Up/Design: ​​​ Mix & Match
Functionality Package:  Cowpoke

MonMel Logistics chose a Mix & Match design to display their business carriers, staff, and trends at their truckload service. Check out their awesome new website for photos and more information about their business. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team!

Check out the new MonMel Logistics website:

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