100 Acre Wood Highlands is Live

by Holly Peacock | May 10, 2021



About​ 100 Acre Wood Highlands:

​Animals/Breed: ​Highland Cattle
 Newcastle, Oklahoma
The Wood Family

"100 Acre Wood Highlands is a small family farm in central Oklahoma raising both American Highland Cattle Association (AHCA) registered and unregistered highland cows. Our family made the decision to begin raising highland cows at the beginning of 2019 after many years of raising commercial beef cattle, chickens, pigs, and goats. Highland cows are easily recognized by their distinctive long hair and horns and in our opinion are one of the most unique and beautiful heritage breeds of cattle in the world."


Check out their new website here and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

About​ the 100 Acre Wood Highlands website:

Set-Up/Design: ​​​ Mix & Match
Functionality Package:  Buckaroo

100 Acre Wood Highlands chose a Mix & Match design to display their Highland herd and breeding program. Please check our “For Sale” page to see current listings of available stock or visit or “Farm Store” to purchase 100 Acre Wood Highlands merchandise. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team!

Check out the new 100 Acre Wood Highlands website:

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