Double R Sales & Associates is Now Live

by Holly Peacock | Oct 27, 2020
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About​ Double R Sales & Associates:

Business: ​Sales Representative Agency Group
 Baldwin City, Kansas
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"Double R Sales & Associates LLC is a sales representative agency group with a team of qualified and experienced sales professionals. We represent manufacturers with quality products selling to the agricultural, equine, companion animal, hardware and veterinary markets that have a desire and potential to grow.

Trusted by manufacturers and wholesale distributors for over 25 years, our approach is no-nonsense and based on old-fashioned integrity."


See more on their new website!

About​ the Double R Sales & Associates website:

Set-Up/Design: ​​​ Mix & Match
Functionality Package:  Cowpoke

Double R Sales & Associates chose a Mix & Match design to promote their business services. Check out their new website to see their experience, markets and manufacturers. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team!

Check out the new Double R Sales & Associates website:

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