April's Featured Website Designs

by Holly Peacock | Apr 29, 2020
This ​month, we featured ​four #HiredHandPowered websites including Longhorn ranches from Tennessee, Missouri, New York, and Ohio. ​View these unique Hired Hand website designs a​nd read​ about how each ​customized their design and user experience to best promote their ​ranch or services.

Featured Websites


About​ Pickett Pinn Ranch: ​

Animals/Breed: Texas Longhorns & Quarter Horses
Location: ​​Elba, New York ​
Contact: Dave & Tina Schultz

"Welcome to our Pickett Pinn Ranch. We are located in upstate NY, right in the middle of Rochester and Buffalo. For over thirty years, we have strived to continually improve our breeding and marketing program for our Registered longhorns and quarter horses. Feel free to stop in and have coffee and pie anytime. We would love to chat. Come see what we have!

We would like to introduce a term we find very useful to describe the type of longhorns we are creating on our ranch, the TOTAL LONGHORN. We breed not only for horn, but just as importantly, udder (including body conformation), and color.

We specialize in combining ranch and racing bred type horses, giving us offspring with a diversified purpose. Also, we breed heavily for color as well. This spring, we are looking forward to some of these foals."

Read more on their website!

About​ the ​​​Pickett Pinn Ranch website:

Set Up/Design: Mix & Match
Functionality Package: Wrangler

Pickett Pinn Ranch customized their Mix & Match website by featuring a photo of their ranch in upstate New York as the homepage banner photo. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team, ​​Pickett Pinn Ranch!

Check out the new ​Pickett Pinn Ranch website:

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About​ The Branding Iron:

​Animals/Breed: Texas Longhorns, Longhorn Beef, Longhorn Futurity
Location: ​​Coshoton, Ohio
​Contact: Andy & Amber Dunmire

"Where all your longhorn needs are met; from Futurities to beef and everything in between."

Read more on their website and Follow Bonnie Glen Longhorns on Facebook!

About​ The Branding Iron website:

Set Up/Design: ​​​Mix & Match
Functionality Package: Wrangler

The Branding Iron customized their Mix & Match website to best display information for their Longhorn Ranch, Bonnie Glen ​Longhorns, their Premium Quality Longhorn Beef, and the ORTVLA Futurity. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team, ​​The Branding Iron!

Check out the new ​Branding Iron website:

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About​ ​Twisted K Longhorns: ​

Animals/Breed: Texas Longhorns
Location: ​​Mountain View, Missouri ​
Contact: Kimberly Bay

"I grew up on a beef cattle farm in Strafford, MO. I am relatively new to the Texas Longhorn industry. I purchased my first two cows in February of 2016 from Kathy Kittler at Broken Spur Ranch and she has become a dear friend and mentor in the years since. I have continued to grow my herd ever since. I have a relatively small herd (8 cows as of now) because here at Twisted K Longhorns my philosophy has always been “quality, not quantity”.

Rather than focus solely on horn, I strive for the complete package in my breeding program—quality genetics, exceptional horn, superior conformation, and gentle disposition."

Read more on their website ​and follow them on Facebook here!

About​ the ​​​​Twisted K Longhorns website:

Set Up/Design: ​​​Simple Template
Functionality Package: Foreman

Twisted K Longhorns customized their ​Simple Template website by adding a Sale Pen page and a Photo Gallery. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team, ​​Twisted K Longhorns!

Check out the new ​Twisted K Longhorns website:

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About​ ​D and L Ranch: ​

Animals/Breed: Texas Longhorns
Location: ​​Lexington, Tennessee
​Contact: Danny and Leslie Eddings

"Tucked away in the country in Lexington, TN, between Nashville and Memphis, D & L Ranch is truly a family business. Danny and Leslie Eddings along with their longhorn cattle call their ranch home.

The family farm has been in operation for at least six generations. While we have humble beginnings, starting our ranch with one horse named Firefly, a flock of chickens and a goat named Roxy, 2010 was the beginning of our story."

Read ​the rest of their story on their website!

About​ the ​​​​D and L Ranch website:

Set Up/Design: Simple Template
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

D and L Ranch customized their ​Simple Template website by adding a Sale Pen page and a Ranch Photos ​page. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team, ​​D and L Ranch!

Check out the new ​​D and L Ranch website:

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