TC Highlands Farm Is Now Live

by Holly Peacock | Mar 05, 2020

About​ TC Highlands Farm:

​Aniamls/Breed: ​Highland cattle
​​​Pleasureville, Kentucky
Kristin Carmack

TC Highlands is a small farm in Kentucky. We haven’t been raising Scottish Highlands for long, we just started our fold in 2019 but we are in love with this heritage breed of cattle. We breed mostly for our own pleasure and for breeding stock or as pets and only sell them to loving homes. The cows are interacted with daily so they are friendly and love being around people.

We are committed to raising quality, healthy, happy AHCA registered Highlands."

Read more on their website and Like their Facebook page here!

About​ the​ ​TC Highlands Farm website:

Set Up/Design: ​​​Mix & Match
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

TC Highlands Farm utilized their Mix & Match website design by customizing their colors, buttons, and site layout to best reflect the personality of their farm. We loved being able to work with TC Highlands Farm start to finish from their logo design to their website launch. Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team,​ ​TC Highlands Farm!

Check out the new ​TC Highlands Farm website:

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Check out the ​TC Highlands Farm ​logo up close and personal!

TC Highlands Farm logo

If you need a logo or website for your business or farm, reach out. We will work with you to make your budget work for whatever branding or marketing you may need. Email for more information or to set up a call with Molly or Jaymie!

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