CowMatch Website Launch

by Holly Peacock | Feb 03, 2020

About​ ​​​CowMatch:

Business/Breed: ​Online Cattle Market for Scottish Highland Cattle
​Online only!

​"Our goal with CowMatch is to help bridge the gap between buyers and sellers.

We want to create a user-friendly space that will appeal not only to farmers and ranchers, but also to the new homesteader and hobby farmers. We want to help buyers find exactly what they are looking for, while helping sellers market their animals. We want to protect and preserve heritage breeds and market them in a space where they will be appreciated (not just lowballed because they have hair and horns). We want to connect buyers with transportation options, so they can have their new purchases delivered right to their door (or in this case pasture). We hope that CowMatch will be able to make this a reality."

Read more on their website and Like their Facebook page here!

About​ the ​​CowMatch website:

Set Up/Design: ​​​Custom
Functionality Package: Foreman

CowMatch chose a fully custom design to meet the needs of their auction website. With a goal of bridging the gap between Highland cattle buyers and sellers, the CowMatch website needed to be capable of showcasing animal pedigrees, health information, transportation info, FAQs, terms & conditions, and more. Their auction site officially launches on February 1st! Welcome to the #HiredHandPowered team, ​CowMatch!

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Check out the CowMatch ​logo up close and personal!


If you need a logo or website for your business or farm, reach out. We will work with you to make your budget work for whatever branding or marketing you may need. Email for more information or to set up a call with Molly or Jaymie!

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