Hired Hand Websites: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

by Holly Peacock | Nov 04, 2019

Hired Hand Websites are the most functional and easy-to-update websites that you can have for your livestock breeding program. With over 10 years in business serving dozens of different breeds, we’ve developed the easiest onboarding system for new customers to get started with their new Hired Hand Website OR convert an existing website over to our platform.

Our pricing is the same for every breed and we have a variety of price points for every budget. Choosing how much your Hired Hand Website will cost is as “easy as 1, 2, 3” - First, choose or customize your site design. Second, decide on your monthly hosting/functionality package. Third, choose your number of active animals. Mix any of these options to create a website that is not only effective but also within your budget.

Contact us today to get started or simply complete this form and wait for our call!


Step 1

Choose Your Design

This step is related strictly to the look of your new website.

During this step you’ll be choosing the colors, textures, patterns and other aesthetically pleasing creative touches of your website. The design option you choose will NOT affect any functionality of your website such as your menu items, number of pages or animals.

We have 4 design options to choose from:

Simple Template:

Our Simple Templates are just what they sound like – very simple! Your ranch brand or logo will be placed on top of a menu bar. You can choose 2 colors for your website. With our Simple Template option there are no “extras” as in our other designs but you are still in complete control of what displays in the content and Animal portions of your pages, menu, etc.

Our Simple Template comes with a one-time fee of $499 and can be paired with any number of animals and monthly hosting option.

Simple Templates are great for breeders who are on a tight budget for their first website and plan to enhance and build on their site design in the future.

Here are 2 examples of Simple Template designs. Be sure to check out the functionality they’re paired with and learn more about that step below.

Simple Template with Buckaroo Package​

Simple Template with Wrangler Package

Mix and Match:

Our Mix and Match option is our most popular! Priced at $1,000 more than the Simple Template ($1,499) you’re able to make the appearance of your site much more visually pleasing with extras that include:

  • Featured Photos
  • Icons for directing traffic to the most important aspects of your breeding program
  • Unlimited colors
  • Web friendly, custom fonts
  • Primary and Secondary page options

Mix and Match designs are a budget-friendly option for those breeding programs looking to revamp an outdated design, make a splash with a new site, have an eye for good design, or are looking for a little more than what our Simple Templates can offer.

Mix and Match with Buckaroo Package

Mix and Match ​with Wrangler Package

Custom Designs:

We LOVE working on custom designs. The possibilities are endless! Our Custom Designed Websites start at $3,499 for most breeders but can increase in price based on your needs and features. Our Custom Designs include image sliders, custom hover effects, custom graphics, custom videos and more! Custom Designs differ from our previous two packages in the sense that customers are not required to work within a template format. Their design can truly be 100% unique to their style and brand.

Custom Design with Buckaroo Package
Custom Design with Wrangler Package


Love the look of your current website but want it to tie in with all of our functionality features, interactive photo pedigrees, and more? No problem! We can convert your existing website over to Hired Hand. Conversions start at $1,500.

Contact us for a quote on your website conversion. Please have your URL ready for us to review.

Step 2

Choose Your Functionality/Animal Marketing Package

Regardless of the design you choose, this step involves choosing how your site will function. All our packages come with the interactive pedigrees, self-displaying offspring, and other animal features that Hired Hand is known for. Our higher-end packages offer additional functionality for both website visitors and site admins. Any package below can be combined with any design option above.

Want to speak with a customer support specialist about the options below? Chat with us using the little blue box in the bottom right corner of our website or give us a call, 888-287-8554.

Step 2

Step 3

Number of Head (Active vs. Inactive Animals)

Now that you’ve chosen what your site will look like and its functionality, we just need to know how many animals you’d like to promote.

To understand how this is decided, we need to explain the difference between an Active and Inactive animal in our system.

An Active animal is one that you’re actively promoting. You have assigned it to a category or multiple categories, placed it on a page and have important data showing such as weight, measurements, awards, sale price and more. Maybe you’ve even filled in our easy-to-use SEO section to help the animal move to the top of Google searches. You are actively trying to sell or promote this animal. You want the world to see it!

An Inactive animal is one that you’re not trying to bring attention to. You have this animal in your account because it’s in your herd but you’re not interested in placing it on a page for sale, promoting its history or offspring, etc. Inactive animals show in pedigrees but because you’re not actively promoting them, they do NOT count against your total head. You can keep unlimited records on any of your animals in Hired Hand.

All our customers are given up to 30 active animals to promote at no additional charge to their monthly hosting package above.

If you’d like to promote more than 30 head at once, please review the options below. Remember, animals showing in pedigrees never count against your animal total!

Step 3

After completing our easy 3-step process explained above, you will be paired with one of our awesome project managers to begin the process of making your new website come to life. You’ll also receive quality training on how to use all the fun new features of your #HiredHandPowered website! After that, you have ​free rein to operate your site all on your own from the field or on the go OR work with our support team to make sure your site is always updated and optimized to best support your ranch's marketing efforts.

We can’t wait to work with you!

For more information, email or call us at 888-287-8554. You can also submit a request form here and we'll reach out to you soon.

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