Feature Sites: June 2019

by Holly Peacock | Jun 27, 2019
​This ​June, we featured four #HiredHandPowered websites showcasing ​some ​Pennsylvania Longhorns, ​Longhorn skulls and beef, and Boer Goats! Scroll to see these featured Hired Hand website designs as well as how each ranch is individually utilizing their site to best promote their herd and business.

Cattle breed websites:

About​ the ​Odinn's Ridge Longhorns website:


Breed: Texas Longhorns
Location: Cranfills Gap, Texas
Owner: Jim & Olivia Mueller
Set Up/Design: Mix & Match
Functionality Package: Wrangler

In an effort to have more family time in nature, the Mueller's bought land in Cranfills Gap, Texas. Their property falls into the old Norse Historic area where the largest populations of Norwegian immigrants settled in Texas which is where the name Odinn's Ridge originated from. Their Longhorn ranch has now become a family affair which they look forward to continuing to build in many, many years to come.

​Read more about​ ​​​​​​​​Odinn's Ridge Longhorns on their new website:

About​ the ​RJM Farms website:


Breed: Longhorns & Longhorn Beef, Boer Goats
Owner: Barry & Heather Mitchell
Set Up/Design: Mix & Match
Functionality Package: Wrangler

Two Longhorns in 2018 has turned to a herd of over forty cattle. They strive to provide the best nutrients in their hay and grazing pastures so they can provide great tasting and healthy beef to their customers.

​Read more about​ ​​​​​​​​RJM Farms on their new website:

About​ the ​Dreamwood Farms website:


Breed: Texas Longhorns, Beef, ​& Skulls
Location: New Holland, Pennsylvania
Lloyd Esh
Set Up/Design: Mix & Match
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

The Esh family started breeding Texas Longhorn Cattle in 2011. They breed for size, color, and of course, horn. They also sell grass-fed beef and Longhorn skulls.

​Read more about​ ​​​​​​​​Dreamwood Farms on their new website:

About​ the ​​​​4F Longhorns website:


Breed: Longhorns
Location: ​Cleburne, Texas
Owner: Blake & Elyse Fanning
Set Up/Design: Simple Template
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

In June 2015, the Fanning family attended an auction hosted by a local charity in Burleson, Texas. They ended up winning 2 young, Registered Longhorns and that's how 4F Longhorns began!

​Read more about​ ​​​​​​​​4F Longhorns on their new website:

Interested in getting your own #HiredHandPowered website or upgrading your current site? Email us at and we'll help you figure out how to best promote your herd and ranch online!

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