Feature Sites: April 2019

by Holly Peacock | Apr 29, 2019
In April of 2019, we featured five #HiredHandPowered websites showcasing Brittany puppies, an online-only Longhorn Futurity, and three Longhorn ranches from Utah, Michigan, and Missouri! Scroll to see these featured Hired Hand website designs as well as how each breed is utilizing their site to best promote their herd and ranch.

Dog breed websites:

About​ the Truax Brittanys website:


 ​Brittany dogs
Location: ​​​​​​Parkersburg, Iowa
Owner: ​Kendall & Linda Truax
Set Up/Design: Simple Template
Functionality Package: Wrangler

Truax Brittanys was established in 2005 on a century farm in Parkersburg, Iowa. The family farm has remained in the Truax family since 1880​. The. The Truax Brittany dogs are socialized daily with love from Ken and Linda and their 4 grandkids. They handle the dogs daily and the dogs are exercised on runs and within their climate controlled building. The puppies are fully vaccinated by a local vet and are fed Science Diet.

​Read more about​ ​​​​​​​Truax Brittanys on their new website:


Cattle breed websites:

About​ the ​​Woodson School Ranch website:


Breed: Longhorns
Location: ​​​​​Marshall, Missouri
Owner: Bill & Michelle Smith
Set Up/Design: Simple Template
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Located in Marshall, Missouri, Bill and Michelle Smith breed Longhorns at the Woodson School Ranch. Currently home to 2012 and 2013 Horn Showcase Champion TTT, Lazy J's Bowhunter, Woodson School Ranch is home to many beautiful Longhorns.

​Read more about​ ​​​​​​Woodson School Ranch on their new website:

About​ the ​Eckhart Longhorns website:


Breed: Longhorns
Location: ​​​​​​Delton, Michigan
Owner: Bret & Ginger Eckhart
Set Up/Design: Simple Template
Functionality Package: Wrangler

After purchasing their first longhorn in 2010, they were hooked. At Eckhart Longhorns, they enjoy the uniqueness of the horns and the various colors in this breed. They strive to breed for the total animal; solid body, horn, color, and good disposition.

​Read more about​ ​​​​​​Eckhart Longhorns on their new website:

About​ the ​Gardner Cattle Co. website:


Breed: Longhorns
Location: ​Cleveland, Utah
Owner: Jake & JaeCee Gardner
Set Up/Design: Simple Template
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Located in Utah, the Gardner Cattle Company is a little operation with big dreams. They word hard to breed the best registered Texas Longhorns they can.

​Read more about​ ​​​​​​​Gardner Cattle Co. on their new website:

Business websites:

About​ the ​​Butler Breeder's Futurity website:


Online Longhorn Futurity
Location: Online! (Based in Stockdale, Texas)
Owner: James Turner
Set Up/Design: Simple Template
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

The Butler Breeder's Futurity is an online Futurity open to the Texas Longhorn Breed. Their 2019 event will be the 2nd Annual online Futurity. You can view the 2018 winners and find all forms for this year's event on their new website.

​Read more about​ ​​​​​​​​the Butler Breeder's Futurity on their new website:

Interested in getting your own #HiredHandPowered website or upgrading your current site? Email us at and we'll help you figure out how to best promote your herd and ranch online!

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