Truax Brittanys

by Holly Peacock | Mar 29, 2019

About​ the Truax Brittanys website:

Breed: ​Brittany dogs
Location: ​​​​​​Parkersburg, Iowa
Owner: ​Kendall & Linda Truax
Set Up/Design: Simple Template
Functionality Package: Wrangler

Truax Brittanys was established in 2005 on a century farm in Parkersburg, Iowa. The family farm has remained in the Truax family since 1880​. The. The Truax Brittany dogs are socialized daily with love from Ken and Linda and their 4 grandkids. They handle the dogs daily and the dogs are exercised on runs and within their climate controlled building. The puppies are fully vaccinated by a local vet and are fed Science Diet.

​Read more about​ ​​​​​​​Truax Brittanys on their new website:

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