Feature Sites: January 2019

by Holly Peacock | Feb 04, 2019
We introduced 5 feature sites for the month of January: JH Cattle Company, Fly'N P Longhorns, Long M Ranch, Click Cattle Company, and Diamond C Ranch Longhorns. ​Scroll to see these featured Hired Hand website designs as well as how each breed is utilizing their site to best promote their herd and ranch.

Hired Hand Junior website:

A Hired Hand Junior page includes social media sharing options, site data, and animal visit reports that can be tied into record books and financial reports. Up to 10 animals can be connected to each page with all of the Hired Hand Software capabilities you've come to know including pedigrees, measurement histories, and more. If you're interested in learning more, contact ​ or fill out the form here.

About​ the ​Fly'N P Longhorns website:


Breed: Texas Longhorns
Location: ​Mansfield, TX
Owner: Emily Ray
Set Up/Design: Hired Hand Junior

"This breed had ignited a fire in my soul and motivated me to build my life around agriculture." - Emily Ra​y, a senior at Frontier High in Mansfield, TX. ​She is a TLBT youth member and shows her Longhorns on the TLBT Show Circuit. Check out her growing herd and support Emily as an up and coming Longhorn breeder. Read more about​​ ​​​Fly'N P Longhorns and ​​​see Emily's herd on ​her new website:


Cattle breed websites:

Having an up-to-date, effective website has never been easier or more affordable! Hired Hand's talented team will professionally design and develop (or redesign) your website to meet your ​​ranch's unique needs. Our websites allow you to easily update the site completely on your own with easy to use, unique, time-saving features. Put Hired Hand to work for you today! 

About​ the Click Cattle Company website:


 Akaushi Cattle
Location: ​​Click, ​Texas
Owner: Morgan Nelson
Set Up/Design: ​Custom
Functionality Package: Cowpoke

The Click Cattle Company's C5 Ranch is headquartered 12 miles south of Llano, Texas within the former town of Click, Texas. The​y are a commercial cow calf operation ​and raise the world famous Japanese Akaushi Beef. All Akaushi cattle raised on the C5 are raised hormone free and grass-fed. No growth promoting products, antibiotics or animal byproducts are fed to the animals. The C5 is a cooperative producer with Heartbrand Beef and is currently participating in the Heartbrand Buy Back Program. All Akaushi cattle raised on the C5 are registered and DNA verified.

​Read more about​ ​Click Cattle Company on their new website:


About​ the ​JH Cattle Company website:


Texas Longhorns
Location: ​Lehi, Utah
Owner: Jason Hardy
Set Up/Design: ​Semi-Custom
Functionality Package: Wrangler

JH Cattle Company is dedicated to breeding the best animals possible on their small ranch. Although they are new to breeding Longhorns, they have been around them for several years and look forward to breeding only the best genetics for an excellent herd in the years to come.

Read ​​​more about ​​JH Cattle Company on their new website:

About​ the ​Long M Ranch website:


Breed: Texas Longhorns, Angus, Brangus
Location: ​Wills Point, TX
Owner: Cindy & Robert Manion
Set Up/Design: Simple Template
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Cindy ​and Robert Manion own and operat​e Long M R​anch in Wills Point, TX. ​The Manions have been raising cattle since 1995. In the beginning ​they only raised commercial Angus and Brangus beef. ​In December of 2015, Robert bought ​Cindy ​5 Longhorns off of Craigslist to serve mainly as pasture ornaments. ​They were lucky to have bought some Longhorns with strong bloodlines and that first bull ended up giving ​them 90% of the heifers ​currently at Long M Ranch. ​

​Read more about​ ​Long M Ranch and their ​herd on their new website:

Interested in getting your own #HiredHandPowered website or even upgrading your current site? Email us at and we'll help you figure out how to best promote your herd and ranch online!

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