Fly'N P Longhorns

by Holly Peacock | Jan 23, 2019

About​ the ​Fly'N P Longhorns website:

Breed: Texas Longhorns
Location: ​Mansfield, TX
Owner: Emily Ray
Set Up/Design: Hired Hand Junior
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"This breed had ignited a fire in my soul and motivated me to build my life around agriculture." - Emily Ra​y, a senior at Frontier High in Mansfield, TX. ​She is a TLBT youth member and shows her Longhorns on the TLBT Show Circuit. Check out her growing herd and support Emily as an up and coming Longhorn breeder.

Read more about​​ ​​​Fly'N P Longhorns and ​​​see Emily's herd on ​her new website:

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