ICYMI: September 2018 New Websites

by Holly Peacock | Oct 02, 2018

Here's a recap of the Hired Hand powered websites that went live during ​September 2018. ​We've included a little background information to help you get to know your fellow breeders whether they are new to the Industry or seasoned ranchers. We encourage everyone to check out the links to view their new sites and their growing herds​ and if you recognize them or they fall in your industry, shoot them a welcome email!

Lone Oak Longhorns



Set Up/Design: Custom
Functionality Package: Wrangler

Searching for the best in the industry, Ron and Heather Thompson have purchased their cattle from all across the country. Their foundation females have genetics that are proven to be consistent and predictable and have worked for some of the best in the industry. In addition to beautiful Longhorns, Lone Oak is ​a Northern California venue for weddings and has been featured in Sacramento Home Magazine.

​See pictures of the Lone Oak Longhorns and their wedding venue on their new website:

Heather & Ron Thompson

Circle Double J Ranch​


Set Up/Design: Semi-Custom
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Circle Double J Ranch is located in Edgewood, Texas on 350 acres full of old oaks, coastal Bermuda pastures, Whitetail Deer, trophy bass, and Longhorns. What started as a Whitetail Deer ranch offering trophy ​opportunities to hunters across the country is now home to both strong Whitetail genetics and a newer but still strong Longhorn breeding program.

​Read ​​​more about ​​​​Circle Double J Ranch on their new website:

Dave Pace

HollyBilly Farms​


Set Up/Design: Semi-Custom
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

HollyBilly Farms started in 2016, with Jen Clark asking her now husband Adam to purchase a quarter of a grass fed steer. "Maybe I misunderstood the question," he says, because instead he bought a few dairy steers. Their interest in breeding Longhorns came at a meeting of the Great Lakes Texas Longhorns Association in August of 2017 and ​they were hooked. ​They have since grown to love the community of breeders almost as much as the​ir beautiful animals.

​Read more about HollyBilly Farms on their new website:

Adam & Jen Clark

Big Sky Livestock​


Set Up/Design: Semi-Custom
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Being the fourth generation to live and work ​the ranch​, ​Big Sky Livestock has been home to various breeds of cattle throughout the years and maintained a love for good using ranch horses. ​Located in south central Montana​, the area has a lot of history to offer as ​they're located between Rosebud Battlefield and Battle of the Little Bighorn.

​Read ​​​more about ​Big Sky Livestock on their new website:

Ben & Lindsey Monk

Murray Ranch​


Set Up/Design: Semi-Custom
Functionality Package: Wrangler

Murray Farms and Ranch is located in South Central Oklahoma. ​Their farm is considered part of the Cross Timbers ecosystem​ which means the ranch is a mix of native prairie grass and woodlands​ making the habitat ideal for cattle grazing. ​At Murray Farms, they place significant emphasis on trying to disturb the natural world as little as possible. ​They want to efficiently graze ​their cattle primarily on native grasses​ and do not supplement ​the cattle’s diet with corn or other grains.

​Read more about​ Murray Ranch and their Longhorns on their new website:

Nathan, Tara & Samuel Murray
Ray & Susan Murray

Clark's Ranch​


Set Up/Design: Mix & Match
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Tim and Nikole Clark established Clark’s Ranch in 2014 and are based out of Wilbur, OR. It wasn’t until February 2018 that ​they ventured into the Texas Longhorn cattle breed however, they say that everyone ​they meet is happy to help ​and they have appreciated their knowledge and dedication to the breed​. They look forward to growing ​Clark's Ranch and increasing genetics throughout the years to come.

​The Clark's Ranch property also includes a wedding venue which is the perfect rustic venue for ​any outdoor or indoor wedding. ​The​re is a 5,000 square foot rustic barn with two rustic dressing cabins, plus a herd of Texas Longhorns to add to the beauty ​and fun on your wedding day.

​Read more about​ ​Clark's Ranch and ​take a look at their ​wedding venue on their new website:

Tim & Nikole Clark


Set Up/Design: Mix & Match
Functionality Package: Cowpoke

Owner Adam Hocker founded Future Profits Consulting in April 2018 in order to fulfill ​the need for farmers and small business owners to identify and understand their profit drivers. They offer ​financial models for your business, budgets and forecasting, serve as a liaison between you and your accountant or broker, and so much more.

​Read about all the services Future Profits Consulting offers on their new website:

Adam Hocker
Janey Stahl


Set Up/Design: Semi-Custom
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Located on Bowie Hill in North East Texas, HEP Longhorns strives to breed for confirmation, horn, color, and disposition. They maintain a small herd of quality cattle that are both a joy to own and profitable to manage. 

​Read more about​ HEP Longhorns on their new website:

Teresea Welch, Office Manager


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