ICYMI: July 2018 New Websites

by Holly Peacock | Aug 02, 2018

Here's a recap of the Hired Hand powered websites that went live during July 2018. ​We've included a little background information to help you get to know your fellow breeders whether they are new to the Industry or seasoned ranchers. We encourage everyone to check out the links to view their new sites and their growing herds​ and if you recognize them or they fall in your industry, shoot them a welcome email!

5J Exotic Game Ranch

5J Exotic_homepage

Set Up/Design: Semi-Custom
Functionality Package: Cowpoke

5J Exotic Game Ranch is a family business specializing in raising exotic hoofstock. They offer high quality exotic animals for you to purchase for your ranch including kangaroos, wildebeest, gazelles, and more.

​View ​​the other animals at 5J Exotic Game Ranch on their new site:

Jeremy Williams

​Rocky Meadow Longhorns


Set Up/Design: Semi-Custom
Functionality Package: Wrangler

With the desire to have something other than the areas' typical dairy/beef cattle grazing in ​their Pennsylvania pastures, ​Rocky Meadow Longhorns purchased ​their first unregistered Texas Longhorn cattle in 2010. Through the years, ​they've grown to love and appreciate this amazing breed so much that in 2017 ​they purchased ​their first registered cow and officially formed Rocky Meadow Longhorns. ​At RML, they strive to raise cattle with great confirmation, color, and outstanding horn​, and pride ​themselves on the health and quality of ​their animals in hopes that others will enjoy ​the beautiful cattle as much as they do.

​Read ​​​more about Rocky Meadow Longhorns on their new website:

Ryan Schmidt

Pecan Creek Longhorns


Set Up/Design: ​Semi-Custom
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Pecan Creek Longhorns was established in 2015 by Mike and Pat Mills and their sons Nick and Lance. Born and raised in Taylor, Texas, a small agriculture rich community NE of Austin, it came as no surprise to Pat when Mike told her he was interested in raising Longhorns. Soon after, that dream became a reality and a family partnership was formed. After receiving recommendations from friends in the business, Pecan Creek Longhorns decided on developing their herd with registered Longhorns because of their unique qualities and highly sought-after breed recognition. Their goal is simple: build a solid, reputable program from the ground up, from some of the most complete animals in the industry, that anyone would be proud to own.

​View ​​​more about ​Pecan Creek Longhorns on their new website:

Nick Mills

D-R Henry Ranch


Set Up/Design: Simple Template
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

At D-R Henry Ranch, they love to experience owning all different kinds of animals and finding love for each of them. ​They have a collection of Angus, bottle fed Holsteins, Registered Longhorn Cattle, a few Quarter horses, and a miniature donkey named Uno.

​View ​​​more about D-R Henry Ranch on their new website:

David & Retta Henry

Harrell Ranch


Set Up/Design: Semi-Custom
Functionality Package: Wrangler

At Harrell Ranch, ​they are committed to developing and breeding the best Texas Longhorn cattle possible. ​Using the top bulls in the breed, mated to outstanding females, they produce a consistent quality product. ​They say that while ​they love long horns, ​they foremost breed for the total package, never overlooking confirmation, color, size, maternal traits and traditional Longhorn attributes.

​Read ​​​more about ​Harrell Ranch's 30 year Longhorn program on their new website:

​Kent & Sandy Harrell

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