ICYMI: April 2018 New Websites

by Holly Peacock | May 01, 2018

Here's a little recap of all the Hired Hand powered websites that went live during ​April 2018. ​We've included a little background information to help you get to know your fellow breeders whether they are new to the Industry or seasoned ranchers. We encourage everyone to check out the links to view their new sites and their growing herds​ and if you recognize them or they fall in your industry, shoot them a welcome email!

Viskup Family Ranch


Set Up/Design: Mix & Match
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Viskup Family Ranch was established in 2011 on the principle of delivering superior Longhorns through a quality experience. Every action at their ranch is designed to provide uncompromising care the health and well-being of the animals. With over 170 acres, Viskup Family Ranch is a reflection of themselves: actively engaged, fully transparent, thorough and thought-out.

John Viskup

​Bineham Longhorns


Set Up/Design: Custom
Functionality Package: Wrangler

The Bineham Longhorn Ranch is dedicated to raising and selling industry leading registered Texas Longhorns in harmony with the beautiful South Texas plains environment where they once roamed wild.

Doug & Susan Bineham

​FHR Longhorns


Set Up/Design: Mix & Match
Functionality Package: Wrangler

Dale and Donna Metz began with a property owned by Donna's mother, Frances Hobby, and so became FHR, Frances Hobby Ranch. Their Longhorn herd went from 2 to 22 in only 8 months and Dale says he was hooked. The Metz's had an instant love for the animals and were really pulled in by the people in the industry saying, "think of your favorite church you have ever experienced and the feeling of family you had while there, and that explains how longhorn family feels." At FHR Longhorns, the goal for their animals is for them to produce beautiful color, great horn growth, conformation, and gentle dispositions.

Dale & Donna Metz

​Sleepy Hollow Longhorns


Set Up/Design: Mix & Match
Functionality Package: Buckaroo

Sleepy Hollow Longhorns is located in NC, just south of the state capitol in the small town of Coats. ​Their love for Longhorns began many years ago after being involved in team roping and rodeos for many years. After moving on from that and going several years with no cattle at all it was easy to come to the decision that cows were needed on the farm again.

After considering many different breeds, the beautiful color and horns pulled them to Texas Longhorns. ​They purchased ​their first registered Longhorn in 2014 and were quickly drawn in by their great nature and beauty. Since then, ​they​'ve set goals to breed and grow their herd by adding quality animals and using top bulls to produce offspring with all the most desired qualities in the breed.

Holly Stewart

Hired Hand Live


Hired Hand Live is a product of Hired Hand Software. While Hired Hand Software has been around since the mid 2000's, Hired Hand Live didn't get its start until 2015.

After attending sale after sale, year after year, Molly & Jaymie saw the need for a way for those who couldn't always attend to remain active. Hired Hand Live made its debut at the Panther Creek Dispersal Sale in Bowling Green, KY in Spring of 2015 and in 2018 is being used by nearly every major sale in the Longhorn Industry!

We updated our site to better serve our buyers, sellers, and viewers. On the new site, we've included features ​such as Sale Pages where you will find all the animals from each sale utilized by Hired Hand throughout the year. On each sale page, you can view the consignment's individual pedigrees, progeny, awards, owners, and more all powered by Hired Hand Websites' custom Animal Management Software. Another new feature is our Reports page where you can find all our sale reports, going back to 2017, where we calculate trends and averages from the animals sold at each event. A few other things we've included are pages to sign up for our mobile messaging, a Book Us page to directly book Hired Hand Live's online bidding services, and an updated responsive website all while maintaining our reliable, online bidding platform.

Molly Clubb

​Shepherd Ranch Cattle Co.


Set Up/Design: Custom
Functionality Package: Wrangler

For Shepherd Ranch Cattle Co., their ranch is their passion and is a labor of love. Their family and ranch have grown hand in hand over the years. They hand-picked their base herds and have watched them produce and thrive. The majority of ranch work is done on horseback​ as their family is a rodeo family! ​In addition to cattle, they will occasionally have available for purchase ranch horses, roping horses, and barrel horses. Shepherd Ranch also offers a limited selection of various breeds of sheep and goats.

Heidi Shepherd

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