Write Your Story: How To Write A Quality 'About Us'

by Holly Peacock | May 12, 2020

There are many reasons why the “About” section is an integral piece of your website. For starters, it works to boost your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and without quality SEO throughout your site, you won’t be easily found on search engines.

In your About section, you can describe where you are located, what you do, if you sell certain products, what’s most important to you about your business, and other information that will help people find you online. If someone is searching for “Longhorn Beef in South Dakota” on Google, the information on your website’s About page will help them find you. Another reason it’s so important is because it helps give your business a personality which will help develop trust with any visitors and potential buyers or partners. People feel more comfortable reaching out to businesses who create a sense of trust and an About section can heavily help to initiate that relationship.We’ve listed a few of the most important factors that you should include when writing your About section for your website.

Where are you located?

People need to know where you are, especially if it’s somewhere unique to your industry. For example, if you’re a Longhorn breeder in Montana, you want to make that a well-known fact not only in your About section, but across your entire website. Because there are fewer Longhorn breeders in that location, your website will be more inclined to pop up in a high spot during someone’s search for “Longhorns in Montana”.

Another piece of information that is nice to include here is whether you want people to come visit you on an appointment or drop-in basis. Some people love visitors to just drop by while others are only available by appointment. This will help guide your website visitors in the right direction on how to take that next step when reaching out to you.

How did you start your business and why?

This is a big piece that helps create that sense of trust we mentioned earlier. Going into the back story of how you got into your industry is always a topic that people are interested in learning more about. If you have a special story dear to your heart or something interesting that stands out from the rest, it is so great to include that here!

What is your history in this industry?

This sort of goes along with how you started your business but can include much more specific information if you already had a background in your industry. Say you have a website for Registered Brangus, if you’ve been showing cattle since you were a kid and grew up raising Brangus on your family’s third generation farm, that will establish a lot of credibility for your business in just a few seconds of someone skimming your site. For people who don’t already know you and are visiting your site for the first time, this is huge for creating and establishing a trusting relationship.

Why do you care about this industry?

Whether people are looking to purchase insurance, buy their 100th pig, or breed their first heifer, they want to partner with someone who cares as much as they do. If you can establish why you love what you do and why your business is important to you, it will go a long way to create a future business relationship.

What is your goal for your business?

Everyone has, or should have, some sort of goals set up for their business. If you lay out your goals right there on your website for others to see, people with the same goals are going to be able to find you very easily. People can be in the same business but have different reasons for it. Whether you want to create the Longhorn with the most twisted horns, a powerhouse Quarter Horse, or expand people’s knowledge of miniature goats, finding people with your same shared passion and connecting with them to help you reach that goal, is going to be a lot easier if you share it on your website.

In conclusion, having an informative, personal About page on your website can be integral to creating new and lasting business relationships and friendships. If you don’t have an About page on your website yet, reach out to us and we’d love to help you get it set up! If you have more questions or need a website for your business, please email us at or you can find more information on our website at

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