From The Pasture, Ep. 15: Choosing A Foundation Cow

by Holly Peacock | May 12, 2020

From the Pasture with Hired Hand, Episode 1​​5: Choosing A Foundation Female. In ​this episode, we’re talking with Gabi Herring from Rancho El Dios who raises Registered Texas Longhorns in Texas with her fiance and her family. Gabi has developed quite the eye for picking out Foundation Female for their growing herd of Texas Longhorns. Listen to what works best for her and other tips she has to help to make choosing your next Foundation Female a breeze.




​Gabi from Rancho El Dios talks with Molly and Jaymie about the important traits for foundation females including breeding schedules, disposition, production, and size. Hear how she got started and the importance of the Longhorn community on her program.

Listen to the podcast here to hear ​​​​​​​​​​​Gabi Herring talk more about ​​choosing Foundation Cows for your herd. Listen on Spotify, TuneIn, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, and anywhere else podcasts are available.

View the ​Rancho El Dios website:

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