2020 Social Media Trends

by Holly Peacock | Mar 09, 2020

Social media is ​always ​evolving and improving. Not just the content which has daily-changing trends, but also the technology itself. With a new year comes a whole new set of standards for digital marketing and businesses on social media. We've listed a few of the top trends to look out for this year and how to start implementing them into your 2020 social calendar.


Ephemeral Content 

This is any content that only lasts for a short period of time. This includes Snapchat videos as well as Instagram and Facebook stories. Social users are looking for short and sweet content. If you’re content isn’t interesting enough to catch someone’s eye in a few seconds, they’ll just keep scrolling. That’s why these short stories and videos are a really great way to create a relationship with your audience and potentially drive traffic back to your profile and website. Getting used to posting ephemeral content on a regular basis is great for views but that’s not where the engagement ends. Now in Instagram and Facebook stories you can add Polls, Questions, Quizzes, and more to get your viewers involved with your profile. 


Social Commerce  

If you have an online retail shop, integrating it with your social platforms is a great way to create more buzz for your products. Advertising on Instagram and Facebook is easier than ever with Tab integration, Product Tagging, and Branded Content. On Facebook, you can link certain online shops right to your page so when people look at your profile, your Shop tab will be on the left and will conveniently display all your shop products right on your Facebook page. On Instagram, you can advertise products all the way from organic posts right to the checkout process, IN the app! You can tag your products right in your post, add Shop links to images, and utilize influencer relationships using the Branded Content: Business Partner option.  


Video Content 

This is enforced in almost all of our social marketing posts. Video is QUEEN of social content these days when it comes to high performance and engagement. If creating your own video content seems intimidating, start small. Ephemeral content that we mentioned earlier is a great way to get started. Create a boomerang for your Instagram story or post a short video of your cows on Snapchat. It may not seem like much, but your viewers like to see what’s going on behind the scenes and want to feel like they’re following real people. Once you get used to sharing videos, try posting some with you in them! Content with you in front of the camera instead of always behind it is always going to create buzz. Again, followers like to engage with people and like to feel like they know and can relate to you.


Location Targeting 

Don’t neglect the location on your posts! Adding a location adds a whole new audience of people that will see your post versus just your followers. When people are searching for a place on social media, especially if that place doesn’t have a profile of it’s own, they’re going to see photos that were geo-tagged there. By tagging your location in posts, you’ll help drive conversation and traffic to your posts. 


User-Generated Content 

You may recognize this term if you read our recent blog, 10 Ways We’ll Help Your Digital Marketing This Year. Posting user-generated content means sharing photos and content from other profiles and users onto your own page. This will not only help create content for your page therefore putting you onto your follower’s feeds, but it also starts to build a relationship with the profiles and users whose content you’re sharing. An etiquette (and occasionally legal) rule of sharing someone else’s content is to always credit the creator. If they don’t have their logo on the image or you’re not sharing their post directly from their page, make sure to tag them or give them credit in the caption. Another way to create user-generated content for yourself is to run a contest where people have to share a photo to enter or use a hashtag you created on their entries. As long as you disclose public use of the photos, you can then use all those entry photos as content down the road. Again, making sure to give content to the original creator. Everyone loves the feeling of getting shares on their content and this is a great way to create online relationships and keep your page active and up to date without always creating fresh, original content.

Want help with your 2020 Social Media Marketing? We can help you ​create a customized content calendar, run paid ads for your business, or help with the setup of your professional profile. Email to get more information or ask us any questions!

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