Your Favorite Longhorn Memories of 2019

by Holly Peacock | Jan 28, 2020

Happy New Year! With a new year comes a fresh slate and new goals for ourselves and our business. But before we fully settle ourselves into 20​20, let's take a look back at some of the favorite memories of 201​9...

Megan Bradshaw Pace, Pace Texas Longhorns
"A request for doing a floral photo shoot with our longhorns! 😅 PCC Night Sky."

Megan Bradshaw Pace

Brett Krause, Circle K Ranch

"No question winning Grand and Reserve Grand Champion with Mother and daughter CK Buzz n Bee Happy and CK Bee’s Bit o Honey at the STLA Winterfest Weekend Show in Edna."

Brett Krause

Kaitlyn Moss

Kaitlyn Moss

Phil Norwood, r3 Hilltop Ranch

"We had our first REAL photography session with a REAL photographer and her clients! And the cows behaved exceptionally well."

Phil Norwood

Jeremy Johnson, Rancho Dos Ninos Texas Longhorns

"When Shadow Dancer made a 250 mile move south to our pasture.. bred to Swagger BCB"

Jeremy Johnson

​Cindy Bolen, Bolen Longhorns

"All the support, help, encouragement and love for our first ever production sale!"

Cindy Bolen

Missy Hicks, Hicks Texas Longhorns
"Selling Hicks Lady Like at the Fort Worth sale!! Its one of those things that I'll never forget!! Having two cash cows for 2019 with our brand on them is pretty amazing, too ;)"

Missy Hicks

Adam Clark, HollyBilly Farms
"HBF Sunrise Dotty. Our first heifer calf born from our breeding."

Adam Clark, HollyBilly Farms

Hjalmar Mike Beijl, MB Longhorns
"Nashville😁 pictures cannot be posted 🤣 Ok 1 picture 🙄"

Hjalmar Mike Beijl

Joe Sedlacek, Lazy J Longhorns
"Topping the east coast heifer sale with this Lazy J bred and raised beauty."

Joe Sedlacek

Preston Dewitt Caveness, Beans Creek Ranch
"Our first planned pairing through AI, B3C Ripple Effect. She is just beautiful."

Preston Dewitt Caveness

B-4 Cattle Company
"2019 completed our 3rd full year raising Longhorns. Just happy to still be in business!!!👍🏻🥳🐮"

Robert Webb, RW Longhorns

Robert Webb


Claudia Davids, Nowell's Hickory Creek Ranch
"Our first set of twins..."

Claudia Davids

Dave Pace, Circle Double J Ranch
"JJ Ocean Savage becomes a star"

Dave Pace

Rhonda Harris, Smith-Harris Century Ranch
"Finding this Colorado Texa daughter, Over Kill granddaughter on my birthday."

Rhonda Harris

Scotty James O'Bryan
"At World Show and Ryan told the hostess he just needed a table for ten."

Scotty James O'Bryan

Rhonda Poe, 3P Longhorns

"3P 50/50 Poetry Blend 2019 HSC Class Champion ♥️"

Rhonda Poe

Ryan Culpepper

"Watching the Grand Champion Drive to bring the Summer Showdown to a close back in June."

Ryan Culpepper

Mark Scott, SR Longhorns

"Some of the visiting Fair Court ladies wanted their picture taken with Spice Girl at our local Fair Rodeo and Racemeet 😀"

Mark Scott

Dylan Pfizenmaier, Pleasant Hill Longhorns

"Having the great Cowboy Chex here at Pleasant Hill Longhorns."

Dylan Pfizenmaier

Melissia Jacobs Bierschenk, MonMel Longhorns

"The Hudson Valentine sale is always a good time! We will miss you Mickey!!"

Melissia Jacobs Bierschenk

Chase Vasut, Rockin' AF Ranch

"The first 100 incher on the farm!"

Chase Vasut

Don Bartlett, D&C Ranch

"My first ever consignment as I built my herd and it was a cash cow DC Buttercup $13,000 at Legacy sale XV, Rowdy HR X SDR Rios Dotty 2."

Don Bartlett

Mikeal Beck, Holy Cow Longhorns

"RR Red Dust reaching 80"TTT @ 24 months and 17 day. The youngest bull to reach 80".

Mikeal Beck

Greg Brown, Lucky Falling Star Ranch

"Taking a trip to Michigan to purchase this bull Hubbell’s The Judge from Mark Hubbell. 98 degrees in July. Started Thursday afternoon from West Plains Missouri and had to be back at work Saturday morning at 7:00am. Lots of driving but well worth it. Judge is our future."

Greg Brown

The above responses are from our Hired Hand customers via Facebook post replies. Thanks for sharing! If you have a favorite memory from 2019 that wasn't shared above, tell us about it in the comments! Feeling nostalgic? Check out our Favorite Longhorn Memories of 2018 here.

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