From The Pasture, Ep. 7: Futurities

by Holly Peacock | Jan 28, 2020
From The Pasture with Hired Hand, Episode ​​​​7: ​Futurities. In t​his episode, we’re talking with two Registered Texas Longhorn breeders who are very familiar with all aspects of futurities. Christy Randolph from Lonesome Pines Longhorns raises Longhorns in Texas while Kevin Bryant from Bryant Cattle Company raises Longhorns in Oklahoma.


In 1999, Bill Davidson and Ben Gravett put together the Millennium futurity loosely based on on horse futurities. ​They wanted to create classes of heifers and bulls based on age.
Then in 2003, the Winchester Futurity was ​formed and before the industry knew it, there were futurities popping up all over the country.

How exactly do they work? The animals are divided into classes based on age group​ and judged by a panel of 1-5 judge​s. ​The Longhorn individually comes into the ring​ where they are judged for 30 seconds to a minute based on horn, body conformation, eye appeal, functionality, color, etc. What makes entering a futurity different than entering a show is that the animals are judged on their own merit ​versus in comparison to the other animals. Each futurity establishes their own rules and guidelines but ​for the most part when researching the different ones, you'll find they tend to look for similar qualities and requirements.

Listen to the podcast here to hear ​​​​​Christy and Kevin talk more about futurities including overconditioning and how it can negatively affect your Longhorns​.

View Christy's ranch website:
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Check out the upcoming Millennium Futurity:

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