From The Pasture, Ep. 6: Weaning

by Holly Peacock | Jan 16, 2020
From The Pasture Podcast with Hired Hand, Episode ​​​​6: ​Weaning. ​In today’s episode we’re talking with Nancy Dunn from Rolling D Ranch in Alabama. Nancy has raised Registered Texas Longhorns for over 30 years. Today Nancy is talking with us about the different types of weaning and what has worked best for her.


​Nancy talks with us about calf weaning and the different ways to go about it saying that each one has it's pros and cons and the best way to find what's best for your ranch is to do your research and get other's opinions. We learned about abrupt weaning, fence line weaning, and the Quiet Wean or ​two-​stage ​weaning.

Listen in to hear ​​​Nancy discuss the different types of weaning and her personal experiences over the past 30+ years. Plus, when you should wean, her tried and true tips for working with calves, and more:

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