From The Pasture, Ep. 4: From Down Under

by Holly Peacock | Jan 14, 2020
From The Pasture Podcast with Hired Hand, Episode ​​​4: From Down Under. ​In today’s episode we’re talking with Alison Irwin from Cowboy Cattle Company in Australia. Alison and Cory have raised Registered Texas Longhorns in Australia for over 20 years. Alison speaks with us about some of the advantages and challenges they face while raising Longhorns in Australia.


Alison and Cory first started their herd in 1998 with a Longhorn-infused bull. At first, they just wanted animals with horns for Cory to practice roping on. When the Texas Longhorns Australia association was established in 2008, ​Alison and Cory joined their 'grading up' program to help create full blood Longhorns from the animals already existing in their herd. This allowed more people to be able to get into the Longhorn breed.

With only one association covering the whole of Australia, which is basically the same size as the United States, the TLA has about 40-50 members, some even in Indonesia, the US, and Canada. However, there may be up to 100 or more Longhorn breeders in the country, but most of their focus is on breeding rodeo stock. This has caused somewhat of a misconception of the animal in Australia, having them seen as rodeo animals versus well-behaved, commercial animals.

Listen in to hear ​Alison discuss the history of the Texas Longhorn breed in Australia and how she believes that the breed is still in it's infancy but is growing steadily,  as well as which American Longhorn genetics she has used in her herd, the traits focused on when breeding in Australia, the different animals and insects they have to deal with down under, and more. All on episode 4 of From The Pasture. Or should we say "From The Paddock":

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