From The Pasture, Ep. 3: Vaccinations

by Holly Peacock | Jan 08, 2020
From The Pasture Podcast with Hired Hand, Episode ​​3: ​​Vaccinations. ​In this episode, we talk with Josie Struthoff from Struthoff Ranch in San Antonio, TX. Josie has a tremendous amount of knowledge about vaccinations and other medications from owning and running a veterinary clinic for 21 years. She​ has been raising Registered Texas Longhorns with her husband Lynn since the 90s. With this combo of experiences, we were so excited to pick her brain in our latest episode.


Josie and Lynn Struthoff live on their ranch with over 400 head of Longhorn cattle. They also have a large commercial herd located on another property. In this episode of From The Pasture, Josie goes in depth on what vaccinations they give their Longhorns that their commercial herd doesn't receive, what medicines to have on hand in your freezer in case of emergency, warning signs of ​disease to watch for in your herd, and more.

Josie owned and ran a veterinary clinic for 21 years before meeting and marrying her now husband, Lynn Struthoff. When they started dating, Josie began to familiarize herself with common cattle diseases and how to take preventative measures to keep a herd healthy and has been perfecting this process ever since. When you're attending sales and buying cattle from all over the country, different measures have to be taken than for the typical Texas herd to make sure your animals are healthy.

Listen in to hear Josie talk specifics on calf vaccinations, including when and where to purchase, what to give heifers before breeding, how to prep bulls who will go on to become steers, annual and seasonal practices, and so much more:

Check out ​the ​Struthoff Ranch website:
​Chat with Josie:​

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