From The Pasture, Ep. 2: A Niche Within A Niche

by Holly Peacock | Dec 20, 2019
From The Pasture Podcast with Hired Hand, Episode ​2: ​A Niche Within A Niche. In today’s episode we’re talking with Joe Sedlacek from Lazy J Longhorns who raises Registered Texas Longhorns in Greenleaf, KS. Many of you may have heard of the three time Guinness World Record holder & highest selling steer, Lazy J's Bluegrass but have you heard Joe's new standard for his steer program?


​With over 1,000 visitors to their ranch to see their steers every year, Lazy J Longhorns is one the most well-known Longhorn ranches in the world.

Their steer, Lazy J's Bluegrass, was the benchmark for all ​of Lazy J Longhorns' steers​. He broke the Guinness World Record three times over at 8, 9, and 10 years old, and is the highest selling steer to date at $48,000​. He's brought in visitors from around the world, including London and the Czech Republic, making Lazy J Longhorns steer program one to keep an eye on.

An important part of their breeding program, says ​Joe Sedlacek​, is that they look to add animals to their herd that have consistent horn growth versus rapid horn growth. They don't ​make a purchase based on if an animal has a high number at a young age, rather they're looking for how many inches is that animal gaining every month.

In the podcast, we also discuss Joe Chutes; why they're beneficial​ and how they're one of the safest products for measuring your Longhorns.

Listen to Episode 2 ​to hear more about Lazy J Bluegrass, the Lazy J Longhorns' breeding program and how they got started in Longhorns, and The Joe Chute:

Check out ​the Lazy J Longhorns website:
​More info on The Joe Chute:​

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