All You Need to Know About Hired Hand Search

by Holly Peacock | Nov 14, 2019

Did you know we offer a search function for livestock breeders looking to add new animals to their herds? Hired Hand Search is a FREE tool that we market to people and breeds outside of Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer and Quarter Horses, as a way to generate more traffic to our customers’ websites and introduce new buyers to each of these 3 breeds. It can also be used by people within each industry to find information on animals.

How can Hired Hand Search benefit you most as a website customer?

Potential new customers will be headed your way!

Hired Hand Search widens the opportunity to get more business for your ranch. Someone may come to Hired Hand Search looking for cows in Oklahoma priced between $5,000 and $10,000 and your cows will show up in their results if they meet that criteria. Chances are, they would not have shown up or there is not a Google Search specific enough to also pull the same results. So, someone who didn’t know about your breeding program or ranch just learned about it and could be your next customer!

The best part about Hired Hand Search? It’s FREE! Once the user finds what they’re looking for they’re on your website and you weren’t charged a dime. You’re in complete control of retaining their attention and closing any potential sales. You didn’t have to advertise your services or animals at all. You just were smart enough to be a Hired Hand Website customer. 😊

If you invest time in updates, your website should show you a return on that investment:

The only way that animals show up on in Hired Hand Search criteria is if that data is completed on your website. Sale prices, measurements, and other relevant data on all of your animals has to be filled in so your animals will be pulled up in the search results, whether they're active on your website or not.

For this, think of the data you fill in for each animal as you think of keywords/SEO for your website. All those keywords and descriptions help your website appear higher in search engines. Keeping your data up to date and filled in for each animal will help that animal show up in the Hired Hand Search results versus an animal with missing information.

UPDATE!! Previously, Hired Hand Search only pulled results from animals that were ACTIVE on our customers’ websites. Hired Hand Search will now query results from all animals, both active and inactive.


Check out this Blog about how Justin Henry, Double H Ranch used Hired Hand Search to find the perfect animal he had been looking for!


How can Hired Hand Search help others?

Google and other search engines are amazing if you’re looking for certain things but dwindling down to specifics like genetics, price, measurements or state for livestock isn’t one of them.

Hired Hand Search allows anyone to search all our customers websites for what they’re very specifically looking for. For example, if Bob is looking for a 70” 2-year-old sired by JP Rio Grande located in Wyoming he can easily use Hired Hand Search to see if such an animal exists on any Hired Hand customer website! Similarly, if Susie is looking for all female horses priced between $10,000 and $30,000 located in Iowa, she can make a few clicks on Hired Hand Search and instantly see the results.

Haven’t tried it yet? What are you waiting for?


What if I don't put prices on my animals?

They will not display when someone uses Hired Hand Search to search for animals between a certain price. If you're trying to sell an animal, not including a sale price will hinder the ability of breeders to find your animal in the search results. We recommend putting prices AND marking your animals For Sale if your goal is to sell animals.

Animal For Sale

(Longhorn Breeders) What if I don't list TTT's or measurements on my animals?

They will not display when someone uses Hired Hand Search to look for specific measurements. Say a user is on Hired Hand Search looking for Longhorn Cows in Oklahoma over 80" TTT and you're in Oklahoma with Longhorn Cows over 80” TTT but you don't have any measurements updated on your herd…You're missing out on potential customers because of that missing data. Adding a TTT on your Longhorns is easy! Don't let a quick update prevent you from making a sale or creating a partnership.

Animal Measurements

What if an animal I own is showing under Hired Hand and not under my website?

Simply activate the animal and when searched it will direct the viewer to your website. All inactive animals default to being shown on the Hired Hand website per our user agreements for active vs. inactive animals.

How do people know about Hired Hand Search?

Great question! We, as Hired Hand, promote Hired Hand Search in ads and paid ads outside of our current customer base and breeds. We hope that this enables new breeders to find our website customers and increases their private treaty sales and helps the industry overall.

How does someone contact me if they find my animals through Hired Hand Search?

Once their search results appear the user will choose which animals they want to click on to learn more about. If they choose animals that are Active on Hired Hand customers’ websites they will be directed to those websites. Once on your website make sure your contact information stands out. Active animals on Hired Hand powered websites have a “contact us” link directly to the right of the animal photo to make it easy for anyone viewing it to contact you. So, make sure you’re checking the email associated with your website and responding to sales inquiries quickly!

Contact Us button


I didn't know about Hired Hand Search. How do you use it?

Hired Hand Search allows you to select what you're looking for by making specifications in the following areas: Breed*, Animal Name, Sex, For Sale, State Located, Age, Sale Price, and more. However, none of these categories are required to search! Do you want all Whitetail bucks for sale? No problem. Do you want to find a Longhorn bull for sale under $2,000 sired by Cowboy Tuff Chex who is also under 3 years old AND in the state of Texas? No problem!

Hired Hand Search is not only a great tool when looking to buy your next animal or find a good animal to breed with based on certain specs, but it's also basically “Google” for any and all animals in the Hired Hand Website system (aka animals that belong to anyone with a Hired Hand Website). Just Hired Hand Search an animal's name or any details you can remember about them and if they've been entered in our system, they’ll be there!

Once you see an animal, all you must do is click on their picture and you'll be redirected to their website page where you can find their pedigree, owner and breeder information, and more. For more information on how to use Hired Hand Search and how to best utilize this free resource, check out our blogs: Our Resources: Hired Hand Search and Get The Most Out Of Hired Hand Search.


Can I buy animals off Hired Hand Search?

Yes! Well, kind of…Any animal that you find on Hired Hand Search is owned by one of our website customers. When you click on the animal, you’ll be taken to their Hired Hand powered website. At that point you and the owner can communicate directly about the purchase of the animal(s). We were just happy to connect the two of you and do not serve as a middleman after the initial search process.

What are some of the most popular searched items on Hired Hand Search?

It changes weekly! This week, for example, there were 30 searches for Longhorns based on their Sire (three separate searches for Delta Lucky Ace), sale prices, and measurements ranging from 37" to 77" TTT.

What do you think of Hired Hand Search? Let us know! Do you have ideas you want us to hear for other enhancements to our resources? Let us know in the comments below or submit your suggestions to


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