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by Holly Peacock | Aug 02, 2019

You probably know Hired Hand Software offers websites, marketing, and design services, but did you know we have multiple FREE resources on our website available to anyone? 

Did you know we offer a search function for people looking to add new Whitetail, Horses, or Longhorn cattle to their herds? Plus, we're working on getting more breeds added in the future! Hired Hand Search is an easy-to-use tool available to anyone that allows people to find an animal that's for sale based on certain criteria. Whether you already use Hired Hand Search for your breeding program, or you've never heard of it, read below to find the ins-and-outs of this popular Hired Hand resource. We're always looking for feedback to continue improving our services. If you have any comments or requests, we encourage you to leave them in the blog comments below. 



What Is It? 

Hired Hand Search is a tool embedded in our website which allows anyone to search our customer's animals that are for sale based on certain specifications. It is a great tool for breeders and potential buyers to find animals based on specific criteria by which they're searching such as the state in which they're located, sex, sale price and more.  

This free resource is a huge bonus of being a #HiredHandCustomer AND is most beneficial when you have your animals priced (learn why below). 

Whenever our site visitors search for an animal, or by certain parameters, and click on a specific animal to get more information, that traffic is redirected to our customer's websites. 


How Do I Use It? 

Hired Hand Search allows you to choose what you're looking for with the following options: Breed, Animal Name, Sex, For Sale, State Located, Age, Sale Price, and more. However, none of these categories are required to search! You want all Whitetail bucks for sale? No problem. You want to find a Longhorn bull for sale under $2,000 with sire Cowboy Tuff Chex who is also under 3 years old AND in the state of Texas? No problem! 

Hired Hand Search is not only a great tool when looking to buy your next animal or find a good animal to breed with based on certain specs, it's also basically Google for any and all animals for sale in the Hired Hand software system (aka animals that belong to anyone with a Hired Hand Website). Just Hired Hand Search an animal's name or any details you can remember about them and if they've been entered in our system, there they'll be. 

Once you see an animal, all you must do is click on their picture and you'll be redirected to their website page where you can find their pedigree, owner and breeder information, and more. 

How Does This Benefit Me? 

Anyone, whether you're a Hired Hand customer or not, can access our search database to search for animals. If you're not a current customer, you can use Hired Hand Search to grow and improve your breeding program or find your next animal to purchase. If you are a customer, your animals are already in the Hired Hand system and are getting exposure to not only all our current clients, but to ANYONE looking. This is helpful in sales, marketing, getting your ranch brand recognized as well as making friends in the industry. 

Here is an example from our customer, Justin Henry of Double H Longhorn Ranch, on how Hired Hand Search helped their Longhorn breeding program. 

"Well does this little heifer ever have a story. The newest heifer for the Double H Ranch is by Fifty Fifty BCB x Shamrock Rio Van Horne (JP Rio Grande x Texana Van Horne). This heifer has been in the making over 18 months and this outcome was impacted by a lot of folks. Some I knew and I got to meet. 

A little over 18 months ago I was preparing to take Native Beauty 50/50 to sell at the Legacy Sale with my buddy Ray Bear Davidson. I hated that I was losing the great genetics of Fifty-Fifty BCB and M Arrow Delta Rio (JP Rio Grande x Delta Van Horne) so I started turning over stones to try to replace it. I utilized Hired Hand Search created by Molly Clubb and the Hired Hand crew and began looking. Long story short I run find Shamrock Rio Van Horne at Tucker Hilbert's Rockin' Hil Ranch. This was the first I ever met Tucker and we worked out a deal for me to buy her. That transaction sparked a friendship that I greatly appreciate! After this Native Beauty 50/50 went and sold at the Legacy and smashed all expectations that we had.

The next piece of this was the awesome work of Shawn Pequignot and his lovely wife getting this cow AI'd with the genetics of Fifty-Fifty BCB with heifer sexed semen. Then some time passes, and I get a message from Weston Hetland inquiring about buying Shamrock. For some reason it just felt like I should make the deal on her. Weston has big plans and I knew he would make the most of this cow. My only stipulation was that I got this calf. This pairing was what I was after all long. Weston agreed, and the Shamrock was on a trailer heading to Kansas being hauled by Rozi Todd Spaid who were kind enough to haul her when they went to the EOT Dispersal in June. Last evening Weston messaged me that my heifer was born and doing well! These Longhorn friends really are the best. The friends I have made because of them will last a lifetime! This knockout heifer will be named American Beauty HH." 

Fifty Fifty BCB x Shamrock Rio Van Horne heifer, American Beauty HH. 

New heifer at Double H Longhorns, American Beauty HH. 

Dam, Shamrock Rio Van Horne, of American Beauty HH. 

Sire, Fifty-Fifty BCB, of American Beauty HH. 


I'm already a Hired Hand Customer, what can I do on my website to get the most from Hired Hand Search? 

Hot tip: There are easy updates you can make right now on your Hired Hand Website that will give you better results with Hired Hand Search! To get the most out of this popular Hired Hand resource and make sure you can't be missed in someone's search, check out our blog going into detail on easy changes you can make on your website right now. 

What Trends is Hired Hand Search showing? 

Curious about what people are searching for most this month? We collect seasonal reports on the trending search topics and publish these reports quarterly for your convenience. You can use our data to determine how to shift your marketing and target your audience based on what they're looking for. Follow us on social media as an easy way to keep up with the most recent trends: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter! 


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