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by Holly Peacock | Jul 22, 2019

​We're explaining all the ways you can update your site and your animals that are for sale to make sure anyone searching to breed or grow their herd can find you and your animals no problem​! One of the best parts, the updates are so easy ​they can be done right from your phone. Having a Hired Hand Website not only helps you and others keep track of specific details about your animals, but it helps you keep those details up to date in such a user-friendly way that it can really be done anywhere at any time from any device. 


Details to Update to Get the Most from Hired Hand Search 

1. Mark your animal for sale. This is by far the most important. If you want people to see your animal, whether you're selling the animal or selling the semen, you MUST mark that animal 'For Sale' in your Animal Information section. Neglecting this key element will make your animal invisible to Hired Hand Search users. 
2. Include a sale price. This one gets overlooked a lot! Maybe you don't want to include a sale price because you don't want to undersell or you're holding out for a higher bidder, but including a price, any price, will greatly help your animal show up in the results of people's searches than if you choose to leave the price blank. 
3. Include all the information that can be refined in the Hired Hand Search form. When people are using Hired Hand Search, they have the following characteristics to specify to tailor their results: Breed (currently offering Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer, and Quarter Horses), Animal Name, Animal Sex, For Sale (Yes or No), Ranch State, Sire, Dam, Horn Length (TTT), Age, and Sale Price. If you have all those stats filled out on in the Animal Information section of your Hired Hand website, you have higher odds of showing up in someone's search. 
4. Include up to date photos of your animal. Photos can be updated in seconds from your phone straight from the field. If you're trying to sell an animal, a current photo that shows color, body, horns, and other selling characteristics, is important for buyers. (Read here on how to take a quality photo of your animal!
5. For Longhorns, update your animal's measurements on your website as often as you measure them in real life. Another feature of Hired Hand Search is being able to sort your results after you've completed a search. One sorting option includes Horn Length. If someone is looking for a high horn length, but you forgot to update your animal's measurement, or worse, left that field completely blank, other people's animals are going to rank higher in that search and your animal may get overlooked just based on the neglect to update. The few minutes it will take you to update your animal's information will benefit you in the long run when an opportunity arises because of someone's search! 

Ready to use this tool? You can always find it on our site at the following link:
If you're interested in learning more about how to update your Animal Information on your Hired Hand Website or have additional questions about how Hired Hand Search works, contact us directly at or 888-287-8554. Keep an eye out for our blog "Our Resources: Hired Hand Search"coming soon to learn more about this awesome resource and other free resources available to you provided by our custom Hired Hand Software.

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