#DayOnTheRanch with B4 Cattle Company

by Holly Peacock | Dec 13, 2018

If you follow us on social media, you've probably seen our resident cows, Cut, Copy & Paste (they're figurines). They were getting a little bored sitting in our Iowa office, so we started sending them off on adventures all across the country! Cut, Copy ​& Paste like to visit Hired Hand customers and spend a few days at their ranch learning about the ranch's history, day-to-day operations, and meeting their animals.

Most recently, they spent a #DayOnTheRanch with B4 Cattle Company in Piedmont, Oklahoma with Bill & Vickie Boyd​ as their host. ​After the purchase of their first Longhorn in 2016, B4 Cattle Company is now home to 60 Longhorns and a few Maine-Anjou cattle.

Take a look at Cut, Copy & Paste's visit to ​Oklahoma below and check out more about ​B4 Cattle Company and their herd at their #HiredHandPowered website


Cut is enjoying the great green grass that 40+ inches of rain have brought so far this year with the rest of our herd! With more rain expected! Normal rainfall is 30 inches for our Okarche Pasture!


Cut and Paste Running errands into Piedmont, Oklahoma with Miss Vickie. Piedmont is the location of B4 Cattle Company head quarters!


Cut was thirsty and hungry after a morning checking cattle & running errands. Miss Vickie & Cut snuck off to Oklahoma’s oldest bar for the delicious & famous fried chicken, just two miles from the B4 Cattle Company’s Okarche Pasture. Of course having a brewsky is part of the experience! Cheers!



Miniature in comparison but still just as iconic is Cut, Copy & Paste visiting the Jesse Chisholm Memorial Statue in Kingfisher, Oklahoma! Those attending the 2019 ITLA Championship & Conference in Enid OK and traveling Hwy 81 North be sure to check out this remembrance to the Historic Chisholm Trail that runs through Kingfisher OK! Jesse Chisholm was buried just 30 miles west on Hwy 33 in Watonga, OK.

If you're interested in hosting the next #DayOnTheRanch at your establishment, we would love to hear from you! Please submit your information ​with the form ​here and we will get back to you soon.

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