#DayOnTheRanch with Big Sky Livestock

by Holly Peacock | Aug 28, 2018

If you follow us on social media, you've probably seen our resident cows, Cut, Copy & Paste (they're figurines). They were getting a little bored sitting in our Iowa office, so we started sending them off on adventures all across the country! Cut, Copy ​& Paste like to visit Hired Hand customers and spend a few days at their ranch learning about the ranch's history, day-to-day operations, and meeting their animals.

Most recently, they spent a #DayOnTheRanch with Big Sky Livestock in Montana with Lindsey Monk​ as their host. Being the fourth generation to live and work ​the ranch​, ​Big Sky Livestock has been home to various breeds of cattle throughout the years and maintained a love for good using ranch horses. ​Being located in south central Montana​, the area has a lot of history to offer as ​they're located between Rosebud Battlefield and Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Take a look at Cut, Copy & Paste's visit to Montana below and check out more about Big Sky Livestock and their herd at their #HiredHandPowered website

"On our way back from the Rocky Mountain Select Sale, we got a phone call that there was a fire in Decker, MT, about 4 miles from our home. We were ​driving through Cheyenne, WY at the time. Thankfully, when we got home at 1:30am Monday morning the neighbors and county had it under control. In rural areas it pays to have great neighbors​! Here are Cut, Copy and Paste checking out the aftermath the next morning."

"Cut, Copy and Paste made it to Montana! They caught some rays at Tongue River Reservoir this evening which is about 15 miles from the Big Sky Livestock ranch."

"Cut got to spend some time with BSL Rhubarb. Rhubarb (Ruby) is just a yearling so she envies Cut’s horns, but will get there in a few years with Top Caliber as a sire and Chokecherry as a dam, there’s some horn in her pedigree. Both have a nice flashy red paint coat pattern!"

"BSL First Class likes to get treats (Scooby snacks is what I call them) and was worried she was missing out. Consequently, Cut ended up with a few cow kisses. She has two full sisters in Cliffhanger Genetics herd that are over 80” so we’re expecting BIG things from her. Her sire Top Caliber needs no introduction and her dam is from End of the Trail Ranch’s great program, EOT Sensor’s Ribbon. Gotta love Longhorns, they have personalities!"

"Copy and BSL Silver Saddles sizing each other up! Silver Saddles is a grulla and white Saddlehorn son we are using to service all the ladies this year. BSL Caliber’s Rhubarb was nice enough to let Copy hitch a ride to look at the herd this evening!"




If you're interested in hosting the next #DayOnTheRanch at your establishment, we would love to hear from you! Please submit your information ​with the form ​here and we will get back to you soon.

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