National Coloring Book Day

by Holly Peacock | Aug 02, 2018

Happy National Coloring Book Day! Occasionally, at sales we will bring some Hired Hand coloring pages and crayons for the kids, and adults, to color. To celebrate today, we're giving you the coloring pages to ​print and color right at home! You can download each page individually or download our whole Hired Hand Coloring Packet. Enjoy!

Hannah Pequignot from Crazy Cattle Company coloring her Hired Hand logo at the 2013 Longhorn Extravaganza.

The boys from White Rock Ranch coloring in their Hired Hand packets during the 2014 Longhorn Extravaganza.

NETLA Youth coloring some special pages which were later used to raise money for charity at the 2015 Longhorn Extravaganza.

​Print the Hired Hand Coloring Book, or download a specific page below.

[Download Page 1]

[Download Page 2]

[Download Page 3]

[Download Page 4]

If you'd like us to design a coloring page for your sales booth, ranch, or next event, email us at

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