10 Tips to surviving 10 days in Vegas

by Molly Clubb | Dec 12, 2017

Guest Blog Post by our own Brittney Klein

December in Vegas is truly the most wonderful experience. The bright lights get a little brighter and 50,000 other people just like you are there to enjoy the same thing...the shopping! Well, that may not be completely correct​, obviously, the National Finals Rodeo is the main attraction. 

Las Vegas

I ​am currently in Las Vegas for the NFR for the sixth year in a row. Although I have only made the whole 10 days once before, I’d like to share a few fun tips for you to remember if you’re in for the long haul.

  1. Packing: Plan, plan, plan! I’ll be the first to admit, I overpack every, single time. I only wear half of the clothes every, single time. I’ve found that planning your outfits for the whole 10 days ​before you leave helps with the luggage. But, of course, I add just a few more items just in case. (Refer to tip 10)
  2. Hotels: Go cheap! While prestigious hotels like the MGM Grand is amazing, in all reality, you’re only in your room to sleep. There are many affordable hotels within walking distance of attractions on the strip. This helps with your Vegas budget if you’re there for the full 10 days (or longer). Welcome To Las Vegas
  3. Transportation: Uber is the way to go! While I’m typically a fan of having my own vehicle, if you're not planning to leave town, there are plenty of Taxis, Ubers and shuttles around town to get you where you need to go. If you plan on visiting the Hoover Dam, it may be a good idea to rent a car for a day.
  4. Sight Seeing: Plan ahead! Before your trip, look up a few things to do while you’re there. 10 days is a long time to be in Las Vegas, especially when you’re spent all your money gambling on the first night! Leading us to our next tip.
  5. Casinos: Budget! Speaking from experience, don’t spend all your “gambling fund” the first night. This is a marathon, not a race. I get it, so many bright lights! If this happens, by day 3 you’re out of gambling money, Christmas shopping money and whatever money you set aside for “emergencies”. Oh, and don’t gamble at the airport when you land in Nevada. Just because you had two Bloody Mary’s on the flight doesn’t mean you’re “feeling lucky”, bringing me to a crucial tip.
  6. Drinks: Pace yourself! Yes, the drinks are free if you’re gambling. No, you shouldn’t drink as much as you can while you’re sitting at the penny slots burning your $20. Your friends may say it’s a clever idea, but it’s not! LasVegasFood
  7. Food: Again, pace yourself! The restaurants in the hotel are AMAZING but if you’re there for longer than 3 days, it may get a little pricey. There are many good restaurants a little off the beaten path that are well worth the trip and a little more affordable over 10 days. 
  8. Sleep Schedule: I wouldn’t recommend staying up all night and sleeping all day. The Las Vegas Strip isn’t only cool at night. There are many things to do and see all over the city!
  9. Cowboy Christmas: A must see! When I said the most wonderful time of the year, I was referring to Cowboy Christmas. It really is the one-stop-shop type of event. I can find gifts for everyone, including my pets! Maybe visit Cowboy Christmas before you visit the casino, it’s just as fun! (Come and see me at the “Small in the Saddle” booth if you're there and ask to see our new logo designed by the team at Hired Hand!)LasVegas Shoes
  10. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes: If you take anything from this post, please let it be this tip! Some airlines only allow 50lb luggage, but you’re going to want to go a little overboard on the shoes. 80% of your time in Vegas is spent standing, walking or dancing. If you plan on wearing your 4-inch, brand new heels on the first night, forget about the other 9 days… It’s sad but true. Pack the cutest comfy shoes you have. You’ll thank yourself after a long evening at the MGM Grand.

I’ll be in Las Vegas for 15 days. If you don’t get a chance to make it to the National Finals Rodeo this year, I’ll let you know how my tips worked out and what changes I would make for next year. Happy Trails!

- Brittney

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