Halloween Animals, Spooky Names & Other Fun!

by Jessica Weber | Oct 24, 2017

At Hired Hand, we're celebrating Halloween by compiling the top Halloween themed names of animals on our customers' websites and also celebrating those animals born on Halloween. 

Top 10 Spooky Animal Names

Here are just a few Halloween themed names of animals found on our customers Hired Hand powered websites:

1. Ghost
203 - Hunts Emperors Ghost 2
7LS Ghosttee
Bandera's Ghost BC

2. Magic
7 - 11 Magic Maker
7 - 11 Makin Magic

3. Moon
A&S Amazon Moon
612 Moonlight and Ros

4. Spirit
Tuff Spirit
Clear Spirit

5. Treat
Starberry Treat

6. Witch
4G Sailor Switch

7. Spooky
VNR Feelin' Spooky

8. Pumpkin
Pumpkin Shake
WO Pumpkin Spice

9. Zombie
FF Zealot's Zombie

10. Masked
DH Masked Marvel


Halloween Birthdays:

Happy Birthday to these animals born on Halloween. All of these animals are being promoted on our customers' Hired Hand powered websites:

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2012 

Did anything stand out to you? Do you have questions about our websites powered by our custom Animal Management Software? Contact Molly today. Have a fun and safe Halloween!!

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