Halloween Costumes For Your Animals

by Jessica Weber | Oct 24, 2017

'Tis the season for costume hunting and while most of us have our adult party costume planned or our kids' costumes picked out, how many are ready for our pets and animals' costumes?

Here are some costume and Halloween ideas from your friendly staff at Hired Hand. 

Paint On Costumes:

You can use non-toxic water based tempera paint on horses or cows and other animals with short hair. 

Image: Bethany Clarke-Getty Images News/


Here is another helpful blog on other ways to decorate a horse.

DIY Costumes:

If you don't want to use paint on your animal, dressing them is clothes is a good second.

Many of these can be created at home with items you have laying around. Such as cardboard, ribbon, an old sweater etc.

Unicorn Pig Carteres News Agency

Pig in flowers
Images: © Carters News Agency

Flower GoatSuit and tie goat

Pet/Owner Costumes:

Try having fun by incorporating your pet with your costume. Think about famous movies or band members. Don't be afraid to get creative or punny.

Wayne's World

Huffpost dog costume
Image courtesy of Kate Banaszak

Elliot & E.T.

ET and Dog
Image: Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade



Cat In The Hat


​ Mermaid & Seahorse


Astronaut & Spaceshuttle


Get Creative!

Halloween is a fun time to show off your creative side.

Do you have awesome pictures of your pets in costume? Send them to us HERE. Have a fun safe Halloween everyone!

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