2017 Millennium Futurity Sale Trends, Averages & Internet Influence

by Molly Clubb | May 15, 2017

Since the beginning of 2017 Hired Hand has been compiling additional sales data and sharing it via our Blog and Mobile Marketing program. We plan to continue to share these stats from future consignment sales as well. We hope that they will be beneficial to breeders and show Industry sales trends. We welcome your feedback and requests.

Please find below some additional Millennium Futurity Sale results courtesy of your friends at Hired Hand*:

Millennium Futurity Sale Results:

  • 42 of 49 lots sold for a total of $133,550 with an $3,179 Average
  • There was 1 Cash Cow sold. Lot 46 for $13,500. 
  • Top 10 lots average: $7,000
  • Top 25 lots average: $4,608

Hired Hand Live Internet Bidding Influence on the Millennium Futurity Sale:

  • 6 lots sold on-line for a total of $18,650.
  • On-line buyers included: Mr. Tyson Leonard, Leonard Farms; Mr. Harold Clever; Mr. David Henry; Linn & Jenn Torgelson, Lodge Creek Longhorns; Jay & Suzy Wachter, Sunhaven Longhorns and Mr. Brad Scherer. 
  • 15% of winning bids and 13% of total sale value came from the internet.  
  • 65% of items were up-bid by the internet.

Other Interesting Sale Averages*:

  • Natural Service females:  $4,731
  • 2 year olds: $3,576
  • 1 year olds: $3,074

Popular Sires*:

These were the top 5 sires with at least 2 offspring selling. Their offsprings averages are listed below starting with the highest average.

These are the top 5 sires based on offspring value, no minimum # of offspring selling and not based on averages:

  1. Commander EOT 14/10
  2. Simba
  3. Tuff Enuff Chex
  4. Music Man BCB
  5. Black Kettle

Popular Maternal Grand Sires*:

These were the top 2 Maternal Grand Sires by value of their averages with at least 2 Grand Daughters selling. Averages are shown below starting with the highest. We could not show the Top 5 as there was not enough data. 

These are the top 5 Maternal Grand sires based on offspring value, no minimum # of offspring selling and not based on averages:

  1. Renegade 19/5
  2. Shadow’s Reflection
  3. Ringman BCB
  4. Watson 167
  5. FC Moonshine

Popular Service Sires*:

Because the Millennium Futurity is primarily a heifer sale there was not enough data to run our stats on service sires as only 11 animals were exposed or bred and none to the same bull.

These are the top 5 service sires based on offspring value, no minimum # of offspring selling and not based on averages:

  1. TS Magnificent Ken
  2. AF Runslinger
  3. Rio Romo
  4. TL Gopherman
  5. JBR Net Worth

* Please note that this data is based off what was printed in the sale catalog and announced in the ring. It is not official data endorsed by the sale.

For more information on adding Hired Hand's services to your next sale please contact Molly at 319-269-8903 or visit

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