Check out the new sites that went live during March!

by User Not Found | Apr 07, 2017

Below you will find a list of Hired Hand websites that went live during the month March. We had an interesting variety of sites launch and are excited to share them with you!

We've included a little background information to help you get to know your fellow breeders whether they are new to the Industry or seasoned ranchers. 

Check out the links to view their new Hired Hand powered websites and their growing herds. Be sure to shoot them an email and welcome them to our Hired Hand herd as well!

Drei Brüder Stahl Ranch
Longhorns and Fenced Hunting Preserve

Drei Brüder Stahl Ranch is home to DBS Longhorns. It is owned by Vern and Crystal Stahl and located in Kerrville, TX. They chose to name the ranch for their three sons, Christian, Joseph, and Levi. They decided on the German translation Drei Brüder Stahl Ranch (English translation: Three Stahl Brothers Ranch).

Drei Brüder Stahl Ranch is not only a home for Longhorns but it is also a game fenced hunting preserve. The hunting opportunities range from native Texas wildlife and exotic species that have been imported from around the world to Texas.

Check out their responsive site:

Grove Cattle Company
Registered Texas Longhorns

Grove Cattle Company LLC is owned by Dan and Kristi Grove. They have been raising breeding stock, Texas Longhorns, in Bailey, NC since 1988. In recent years they have improved their genetic package through the use of Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET).

In addition to Longhorns, their cattle ranch wouldn’t be complete without horses. They offer riding lessons from beginners to advanced riders.

Restless Hart - Klein Cattle Company

The Klein family moved to Bellville, Texas in 1998. Ross, Barbara, Brittney and Courtney have always shared a love for agriculture and the rural lifestyle. Taking after their parents, Brittney and Courtney were both heavily involved in athletics, 4-H, and FFA. This is how their journey with cattle started. The family shares a passion for nature, livestock and their home in Austin County.

Over the years, they have established a strong group of cows. From Brahmans to Brangus, Baldies to Beefmasters; If they produce quality calves, they like to keep them in our pastures.


Semen Hub
Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer, Goats, Watusis & More

Owned and operated by Craig Perez, who is also the owner of Arrow Cattle Company. Semen Hub is Craig’s unique system that has been designed with many unique features dedicated to the selling, buying, and storage of frozen semen. This will help both clients and customers improve their semen shopping experience.

Turkey Crossing Ranch
Hunting Ranch

Turkey Crossing Ranch is owned by Bow Carpenter. Turkey Crossing Ranch is a sprawling 2700 acres ranch of pristine hunting grounds with world class lodging and meals. We're located in west Texas, roughly a 20 minute drive from Sonora, TX. High and low fence hunting is available.

Low fence hunting is host to many free range game such as whitetail deer, axis, black bucks and turkey. High fence hunting is limited to 200"+ deer and is situated on 400 acres within the ranch. In addition to hunting, they have a lake for fishing and capturing the sunset at the end of a successful day.

Hagler Ranch
Registered Texas Longhorns

Hagler Ranch is owned by Keith and Marcia Hagler and is located in central Texas spreading over Williamson and Milam counties. They are very passionate about Texas Longhorn Cattle and they sell their cattle at a fair price hoping to help others to be able to enjoy them as well.

Martee Cattle Investments
Texas Longhorn Cattle Broker

Martee Lancaster has over 20 years in the Longhorn industry. She markets high quality Texas Longhorns cattle, semen and embryos for ranches of all sizes. She has spent years forming strong relationships with Longhorn breeders.

If you are interested in cattle, semen or embryos, make sure you check out Martee’s site daily!

Dauntless Longhorns
Registered Texas Longhorns Longhorns

Dauntless Longhorns is owned by Ross Suber and is located in San Marcos, TX between Austin and San Antonio off Interstate 35. They have been raising Longhorns for many years and love having visitors.

Their flagship bull is Tejas Tactical and they are looking forward to seeing what he'll do for their program.

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  1. jack | Aug 09, 2017
    They have been raising Longhorns for many years and love having visitors.

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